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Frozen 2

The much awaited Frozen 2 is here, and dare I say, after seeing the movie I would say that it is equally as good as the first movie. We went to see it at the weekend after years of waiting, we couldn’t wait to watch.

The first Frozen came out when Grace was a brand new baby, and we know how much of an ice-storm the film has been. It has hit every house hold and no signs of it slowing down! For many years me and my best friend had always planned that we would take our children for a special trip to the cinema if there every was a Frozen 2 release. So this is exactly what we did at the weekend.

Frozen 2 Fun with Jumbo

The shops are full of Frozen 2 merchandise, after already picking up some for Grace, we was super excited when these new Jumbo Frozen 2 jigsaw puzzles and game was sent to us to review.

Frozen 2 Jumbo puzzle and game review by Family Clan

Grace was super excited to start and chose to play the True Friendship game first!

True Friendship is a cooperative game in which all players try to get the friends to Elsa before the water nokk reaches her.

By working together cooperatively the players work to achieve this goal, when they reach Elsa they all win the game!

Frozen 2 Jumbo puzzle and game review by Family Clan

We assembled the play pieces together, and set ready to play!

I love this game, it’s great that you working as a team and that there are no players singled out as as you can only defeat the Water Nokk if you work together.

We needed to figure out what was the smartest thing to do to get Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven to Elsa.

Grace played first as she is the youngest player begins by blowing onto the spinner.

Wait until the spinner comes to a stop and look at the picture it landed on and move the appropriate number of spaces forward as displayed. On the spinner also shows the Water Nokk with “-1 or +1” if the spinner lands on this you would then move the Water Nokk forward a space, or back.

If Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven arrive at Elsa before the water nokk does, Elsa and her friends win the game. If the water nokk gets to Elsa first – Before Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven arrive – the Water nokk wins the game.

So simple but so much fun! We have had fantastic family fun playing True Friendship, Grace also loves playing this when her friends come over to play. It is a simple game to pick up, and play. You can find True Friendship on Amazon Website.

Frozen 2 4 Shaped Puzzles by Jumbo

The Disney Frozen 2 4 shaped puzzles is a set of brightly coloured jigsaw puzzles for children to enjoy piecing together.

Each of the different shaped puzzles feature characters from Frozen 2.

The set includes a 14, 16, 18 and 20 piece jigsaw puzzle in the box. The four jigsaw puzzles increase in piece count to help children progress – building their skills and confidence in making puzzles – to be able to enjoy larger piece-count jigsaw puzzles as they grow.

Frozen 2 Jumbo puzzle

What makes these puzzles even more fun and special for your child is that they are all shaped, so that means there are no straight edges and the puzzles resemble the characters outline.

All the Jumbo jigsaw pieces have been produced using a high quality cardboard to ensure that your child has the best possible experience with these Disney Frozen 2 shaped puzzles. When the jigsaw puzzles are complete they all measure 23 x 17cm (approximately) and are suitable for children aged 3 years and above. Available from Amazon Website.

Mummy H & Grace

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3 Thoughts to “Frozen 2 Family Fun with Jumbo”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Magical – will be a real winner here this Christmas too

  2. susan smith

    Not seen this game, our little one is Frozen mad, she would love it, it sounds like a game we as a family could all play

  3. fionajk42

    My granddaughter loved Frozen 2, although my daughter was less enamoured with it. I’m sure my granddaughter would enjoy the Frozen-themed puzze and game.

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