Frenetic – It’s All in the Elements

Frenetic Word Game Review by Family Clan

Frenetic – It’s All in the Elements

If you have been around our blog a little while you might have gathered by now that we love games. Board games, word games, tactical game, card games – even down to playing I spy when ever we go out in the car with family. So being asked to review Frenetic was a very easy yes,

Frenetic is a word game based on the Periodic Table – so great for those doing sciences at school, college or university.  The aim of the game is to make words just using the symbols/letters of the Periodic Table.

Frenetic Word Game Review by Family Clan

What’s in the Box?

  • Two cards that include all 96 symbols and 4 Frenetic tiles
  • 45 second timer
  • 4 paper writing pads
  • 4 pencils
  • Bag to keep symbol tiles in
  • Game Board

To start the game one player picks eight tiles out of the tile bag – without looking. Then places them face up on the matching spaces on the game board.

When all eight tiles are in place the timer is set and all players have 45 seconds to make as many words as possible from the tiles selected. You can only use the tiles no other letters and you must use at least two tiles.

You cannot split letters that are already together on a tile. For example if the Ag tile is used then the word must contain Ag. You cannot just use the A or the g. Neither can you change it around to gA.

You can have S-Ag but not gA-S using the Ag & the S tiles.

Frenetic Word Game Review by Family Clan


To score you add up the Atomic Numbers shown on the tiles that represent their place in the Periodic Table. So S-Ag is worth S= 16 Ag= 47 16+47=63 points

Oh and unlike most word games you can use plurals! Always good for extra points.

So in this scenario we could also add another S on to the end making S-Ag-S gaining another 16 points totaling 79 points

Once the timer has run out the first player calls out their words. If any of the other players have the word then the word doesn’t count. All players call out the words they have made. and then score their remaining words.

The winner is the first to score 1000, though you can alter this depending on how long you want to play. We just played until it was late then the player with the highest score won.

There are four tiles with Frenetic written on them, you don’t play these on the board. You keep it until you want to use it as a symbol. But you can only use the tile once so use it wisely. The Frenetic tile is worth the amount of the tile it takes place of.

Bonus Rules

There are ten red symbols on the board, if you can create a word using these (once the respective tile has come out of the bag) then you can double your score.

There are thirteen elements with names that you can spell using the symbol tiles. They are Arsenic, Astatine, Bismuth, Carbon, Iron, Krypton, Neon, Phosphorus, Silicon, Silver, Tin and Xenon. These element tiles have green borders. If you spell any of them you can claim all of the Frenetic tiles that have put aside, and any Frenetic tiles currently being held by other players. You may also keep Frenetic tiles you used to make the element names!

If more than one player spells an element in the same round, then the first one keeps the Frenetic tiles.

Our Thoughts

We really enjoyed this game. We play our own version of Scattergories regularly so this game fits right in with our favourites. The evening had a lot of laughing, mainly at how bad we was at adding the scores up, which got worse as the evening progressed – and some of us wasn’t imbibing any alcohol!

The game is aimed at 8+, I think this is about right – depending on the child and would be a great addition to the family games and a perfect family present for Christmas. I like that it will also familarise the younger players the Periodic Table of Elements which they will use when they are older.

You can purchase Frenetic from Amazon for £22.99 (currently £18.38 if you have Amazon Prime) and all good toy stockists.

Nanna Jane

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5 Thoughts to “Frenetic – It’s All in the Elements”

  1. Nigel Soper

    This looks great – does it include the new elements that have been announced more recently?

    1. Mummy H

      Hi Nigel, If you mean the Nihonium (Nh), Moscovium (Mc),Tennessine (Ts), Oganesson (Og).
      Then yes these are included.

  2. Samantha O'D

    Looks great, i could learn something here

  3. Susan B

    I had no idea this game was based on periodic tables. What fun! Thanks for the review.

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    We already have this game – REALLY is great fun too for all ages

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