Free Postcode Lottery Review WIN £500 A Day


Free Postcode Lottery

Do You Know You Can Win £400 a Day with No Catch With the Free Postcode Lottery- I can hear you saying but there is always a catch, well with Free Postcode Lottery there isn’t.

First off it’s nothing to do with the one that’s advertised on TV and it’s free.   

What is Free Postcode Lottery?

It’s a lottery but you don’t have to buy tickets. You just enter your postcode and if it is drawn you win money.

Every day the site gives away £400 to one lucky postcode for nothing, FREE, GRATIS, how ever you want to say it it’s FREE

Now I’ve got your attention I’ll tell you a bit more, Chris who started the site offered £10 a day to the lucky postcode winner, this has steadily increased especially this last 18 months to £400 a day & if no one claims it roles over, at the time of writing this there is a fabulous £800 in the pot waiting to be claimed.

Have I mentioned it’s even FREE to join.

Honestly there is no catch, you just call in once a day after mid day & see if your postcode has been generated & if it has well BINGO you are a winner.

Also Chris has another mini draw at 6pm where another postcode is drawn & you could win £100.

Still not convinced? Well he’s even giving us a new chance to win called “Stackpots” where every day at 9am & 9pm postcodes are drawn & you could win £10.

Have I mentioned it’s FREE

Still not sure? Well how about this for answering a simple no name survey. You could win £75 & at the time of writing this it has rolled over to gorgeous £225.

The site runs on the adverts. The advertisers pay to promote their goods on the site and that is what generates the funding for the site.

All for simply registering your email address, that isn’t passed on to anybody.

All I need now is a nice Northern postcode to come out!  Good luck to you & me.

Interested, well what are you waiting for!! You can join here Free Postcode Lottery.

Grandad Al

I’ve not been paid for this post, just want to let you in on the secret.  I am no way involved in the site other than I have my post code entered & I get 1p referral bonus added to my account.  You can get the same by letting others into the secret.


6 Thoughts to “Free Postcode Lottery Review WIN £500 A Day”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Have recently started doing this as there have been several winners in our are
    Hope I’m lucky

  2. ashleigh allan

    Sounds great will need to have a look!

  3. lovethatglowblog

    My husband have been members for many years now, great site! We’ve never won, but my husband did win on their sister site, which goes on birthdays x

  4. Maya Russell

    Good luck. I entered for a while but then gave up checking.

  5. Pam Francis Gregory

    I have been a member of the Free Post Code Lottery for years. Not won yet, however can vouch on it’s authenticity!

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Me too Pam, check every day & hope. What was worse the next street came up a few weeks ago & just for a split second I thought it was us. x

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