Giveaway: Foxy Pants – Help Save the Chickens!

Watch out for the sneaky fox, sniffing around the chicken coop, looking to fill his pockets with sleeping chickens! But when his pockets get to full, his trousers will fall down!
Can you rescue the chickens and return them to your chicken coop?

Foxy Pants review by Family Clan

Foxy Pants by Drumond Park is a fox-tastic board game for all the family suitable for up 2-4 players and age 4+, when we received it, Jake and Grace just couldn’t wait to play!

Foxy Pants review by Family ClanContents of the box:-


4 cardboard chicken coops

21 chickens



Stickers sheet






Before we started playing I needed to add the stickers onto the appropriate game pieces. Adding the eyes and tongue onto the fox, numbers to the dice and chicken stickers under the fox’s pants.

How to play Foxy Pants

Each player needs to choose a chicken coop, the player who does the best chicken impression goes first! Yes, so Grace ended up being the best chicken of us all, so she began with rolling the dice.

The fox has pockets on either side of his pants so once the dice has been rolled it will either show a 1 or 2, this is the required amount of chickens we need to place into either side of the foxes pants. At the end of each turn, you push down the foxes head and play rotates round.

Foxy Pants review by Family Clan

But watch out, this is one greedy fox, when his pants get to full, they might fall down!

You take it in turns continuously until a player presses down the foxes head and his pants rapidly fall down and all the chickens are released from his pockets. At this time all the players need to use a single hand and gather the chickens one at a time and place them in their coop, the first player to place all five chickens in their coop is crowned the winner!

Our Thoughts

Foxy Pants has been so much fun, we had Jake’s friend Abbie come over to sleep, and this was the game Abbie kept asking to play over and over when we had games night. I like that this game is quick, and has the element of surprise each time the foxes pants drop.

You might be thinking how all the chickens can fall out of his pockets if the trousers just ‘fall’, this is what I was thinking too before we played…

There is in a simple explanation, every time you press the foxes head, this must tighten the pants inside through the mechanism, and one particular push will then rapidly pull the material of his trousers and they are rapidly pulled to disappear under his feet. (Image shows view of fox underneath) This does not even happen in a second, blink you will miss it, and hurry and collect your chickens!

After you have collected you chickens and reigned your winner of that round, simply turn your fox upside down, pull the material and place the foxes pants around him ready for the next game! Each game has the element of surprise as you never do quite know when his pants are going to fall!

Whats more, Foxy Pants does not require any batteries so is a game you can play over and over again, Foxy Pants by Drumond Park is a fox-tastic fun game for all the family and is a game that we have all said we would recommend as we have had so much fun and giggles as a family.

You can buy Foxy Pants from Amazon and all good toy stockists and would be such a perfect gift this Christmas. The RRP is £22.99.

Mummy H, Jake & Grace


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  1. Lisa Pond

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