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Fotor – The Online Photo Editor

Fotor are a user-friendly and globally accessible online photo editing suite who utilize exclusive technology to bring an unprecedented level of editing control to anyone and everyone.

While the ‘collage’ and ‘edit’ features are enjoyed by millions of users, the new ‘design’ feature gives the common user the ability to design any form of graphics and cover, limited only by imagination. 

Fotor are streamlined with a number of social media channels, their user base is comprised of hundreds of millions of users across the globe. Initially gaining great popularity with its optimized and user-friendly desktop suit for both Windows and Mac, Fotor now even supports every major mobile and desktop platform from Android to iOS, with a specialized ‘Fotor for Messenger’ version, streamlined with Facebook for greater connectivity and convenience.

With frequent updates and new features, not only providing the common user the ability to take and edit amazing photos, but also the convenience of having images shared and uploaded on all major social media platforms. 

‘One-Tap Enhance’, a tool designed to improve the most common imaging problems in the shortest period of time is just one of the many unique features. RAW file processing, allowing for unparalleled definition quality is a key feature of the desktop platform, while the patented HDR (High Dynamic Range) is available on many versions, including mobile. 

Let’s get started with Fotor.

Like anything new, there was alot of information to take in at first. Learning a whole new platform, but there were many tutorials to get me started.

I always take photos of my children whether this be for product reviews or just in general when we are out and about and a good backdrop is around we would take a quick snap.

With Fotor you can edit a photo, make a collage & create a design

I have recently taken a few photos using my phone when we have been out which I will use for this post. I don’t have any particular trendy camera phone, this is just a standard phone to get me by.

Fotor picture 2

So lets see what I can do to this photo of Grace.

I uploaded the photo onto the Fotor website, it is a lovely photo as it is but we will see what more I can do.

Fotor Photo editing review by Family Clan

I wanted to try out the ‘1-tap enhance’ to see how this would look, and its brilliant! It automatically emphasized the flowers to be brighter and make it a much more summery photo.

There are many different ways you can edit the photo as you can see from the left hand side list. This was just a starter in the ‘Basic’ section to show how easy it really is to get started,

I had a little play around with these, and I liked the vignette effect, which shaded around the edges slightly and also the Curve which allowed me to dark or lighten certain areas.

Fotor Photo editing review by Family Clan

Here you can see my comparison in the two photos with very easy steps.

I am really impressed how these turned out with minimal effort.

Selecting more options using the ‘effects’ selection there are many many more option on how to change photos.

I absolutely love this effect in the ‘colour splash’ range, I just made the image black and white and selected the part which I wished to restore the colour and so simply edited by brushing the flower a few times with my computer mouse. Simple editing, but very effective. 

Fotor picture of flower

There is a beauty range, which allows you to edit blemishes, wrinkle remover and many more, to the fixing eyes, allowing the look of mascara/eye shadow, the adding lip tint and teeth whitening. Which is great addition to play around with to find yourself a perfect edited look.

Fotor also offer a collage making.

Fotor collage preview

I look forward to using this for future blog posts such as recipes I create giving them a new twist on displaying.

Or why not create a design, Fotor also has many templates that you can use to help you create many social media banners, including Facebook, Twitter, giving your company that extra boost it may need.

You can also create invitations, certificates, business cards and much more which are all printable from the comfort of your own home or able to download and use where necessary.

Our Thoughts

The great thing about Fotor is that is has a many, many additional editing tools. I have played around for hours with photos I have and love the effects that it gives with minimal effort on my part. I can’t wait to use this on many other photos that I have stored on my phone.

You can find more information from the Fotor Website

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Mummy H


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39 Thoughts to “GIVEAWAY: Fotor – The online photo editor”

  1. Samantha O'D

    Pictures of my daughter who was stillborn at 36 weeks

  2. Dale Dow

    We got a family photo taken not long before my Dad died, he was feeling ill on the day and we nearly cancelled. We’re quite glad now that we never

  3. Natalie Burgess

    My late nanas photo is pride of place in my bedroom. When I gave birth to my son and got home, I gave her photo a kiss. What I didnt know was it was the anniversary of her death

  4. Heather Haigh

    My favourite photo is of my daughter at the seaside last year. She has been bed-bound with severe chronic illness and it’s the first time she has seen the sea for about 12 years.


    A photo which is over 100 years old of my Grandad when he was little with his brothers and sisters, he was the 13th child!

  6. Kay Sherman

    My 3 children when my youngest was born having a lovely cuddle

  7. Margaret Gallagher

    So many big dads younger days – I have one I SIMPLY adore – getting stuck job the chimney – a happy memory I’ll NEVER forget

  8. Julia Kerr

    A photograph of when my nanny and grandad found out my mum was pregnant with me, they were two of the most special people in my life and it’s amazing to have that moment captured for me and see the joy and excitement

  9. kimneville1

    Photo of my son getting a medal for his gymnastics competition. Very proud moment 🙂

  10. Annabel Greaves

    I have a lovely picture of the whole family, we do not have many because usually one of us is taking the picture

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