Foodies Festival Time at Tatton Park

Foodies Festival Tatton Park Family Clan

We had a lovely invitation to attend the Foodies Festival at Tatton Park in Cheshire. Having never been to a festival of food before we wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Foodies Festival Tatton Park Family ClanWe arrived at Tatton Park, at just after 11am, the gates actually opened at 10am, but I knew we had all day so didn’t rush.

We followed the signs for disabled parking, as I have a blue badge. It wasn’t actually very clear where the foodies festival was, there was occasional sign for it. We ended up being parked in the disabled area near coaches, which was way to far for me to have walked but luckily I had mobility scooter, so that made things kind of easier, though the way to the Foodies Festival entrance wasn’t exactly smooth running! But we got there.

We booked in as we had VIP tickets that luckily gave us access to free hot drinks and refreshments as it was a very cold windy day. This was in a special area we could access.

After a coffee we ventured out into the field. Luckily it wasn’t to bad as the ground was quite firm. There was a good variation of stalls selling everything from yoghurt to yoga! There was plenty of sampling to be done too. I tasted a gorgeous fudge, ice cream, cheese, chocolate, cakes, yoghurt, and plenty more. There was also beer and wine tasting going on, not by me though. Though some of the stalls deterred us with their full on high pressure sales tactics, as did some of the prices!

Foodies Festival Tatton Park Rosemary Shrager Sean Wilson Family Clan

Throughout the day there are cooking demonstrations and workshops that you register for and get a ticket. You had to be quick though as these events were very popular and the tickets for the dessert theatre went very quickly. You could book them for no extra charge. We also had reserved seating for this from our VIP passes.  We saw Rosemary Shrager and former Coronation Street Star Sean Wilson (He played Martin Platt and apparently now spends his time making Saddleworth Cheese).

They both had very good, amusing and entertaining shows. Even I learned something knew from them both and I don’t have a passion for cooking. Rosemary had us laughing about some of the things that had gone on back stage with some of her TV shows.

Foodies Festival Montage Tatton Park Cheshire Family Clan

There was live music in the shape of a few bands playing which we really enjoyed. But all in all we had a great day out, in a stunning location. It was worth the trip just to see Tatton Park in all it’s splendour.

We was given a goodie bag that had a few sweeties, and little bits & bobs in as we left the Foodies Festival. I’d certainly go again to a Foodies Festival if I was invited.

Nanna Jane

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8 Thoughts to “Foodies Festival Time at Tatton Park”

  1. madrasa1

    These festivals look amazing and look like a fun day out so I will be sure to check one out-thanks for this post! 🙂

  2. loves coffee

    Sounds like a great day out never been to 1 before but would love to

  3. Ashleigh Allan

    I love foodies festivals

  4. Rich Tyler

    Looks / Sounds Lovely Day Out 🙂

  5. Jeanette Leighton

    A foodies festival sounds great I’ve never been to one but I’m not keen on music festivals too loud for me …. But this could be good ?

  6. Ashleigh Allan

    I love foodies festivals. Great day out for the whole family

  7. Margaret gallagher

    Looks like you had a fun day
    I considered going myself this year but things crop up when you least expect them TOO
    Would love to meet Rosemary – she looks a bundle of laughs
    I happen to love cooking!

  8. Kayleigh Watkins

    It looks like a fantastic day out and anything to do with food is always a bonus for me ? xxx

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