My First Scalextric – Car Racing Fun

My First Scalextric Family Clan Review

My First Scalextric

We have been asked to review Hornby Hobbies My First Scalextric. The box arrived very well packaged.After lifting the lid up off the set you can see the contents of the box all very nicely presented.

My First Scalextric Family Clan Review

What’s in the Box?

Contents include:-

  • 2 cars red & yellow
  • plug transformer
  • 2 hand controllers
  • Tracks
  • Bridge supports
  • Instructions

The set also comes with spare parts for replacement of the braids x4 & Guide Blade Plate x2.

Scalextrix My First Family Clan

Jake and Grace were so eager for this to arrive so when it did, they were jumping for joy! I took the pieces out of the box and started to connect the track pieces together as shown in the diagram on the instructions, which was very clear to understand. You simply connect the pieces into each other by pushing them together, the quality of the My First Scalextric track pieces are excellent and this set will last through years or play.

After all the pieces were together making a figure of 8 track, I then got the 2 hand controllers & plug transformer which ‘plug in’ to the straight piece of the track at the bottom. Next all I needed to do was plug the plug transformer into the wall and turn on. Now we were ready to play. I placed the cars on either track, and the race began!

My First Scalextric Family Clan Review

Our Thoughts

At the side of the hand controllers there is also a Skill Control Dial, which is great for beginners, this allows you to give restricted use of the cars, as pressing to hard will make your car zoom off the tracks, so this is a great option to have for younger children.

In the instructions, there is also detailed information on how to change the braids on the car and car maintenance as Grace and Jake played for 2 hours straight and then the cars showed some sign of needing their braids changed which is situated underneath the car.

My child hood was full of always playing with my older brothers’ Scalextric sets that they always had up in their room continuously playing day in day out, making new tracks and always fixing the cars back together, and well Daddy G grew up to be a mechanic, so who knows, the Scalextric sets might have started that adventure.

It is so great that I am able to spend this same quality time with Jake, 7 and Grace, 4 and we have had some fantastic giggles and ‘hi 5s’ along side. I hope they will have memories to last a lifetime too!

The My First Scalextric is suitable for ages 3+ and is available here on Amazon.

Mummy H, Jake & Grace

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9 Thoughts to “My First Scalextric – Car Racing Fun”

  1. L Whittaker

    Lovely! I always remember my first Scaletrix set from when I was a child. So much fun!

  2. Catherine Booker

    This looks fun!

  3. Joshi Moshi

    This looks great!

  4. Susie Wilkinson

    This looks great, we bought the micro scalextric some years ago, and boy, it’s so hard to keep the cars on the track!

  5. Sidrah Ahmed

    Amazing my kids would love this

  6. Ashleigh Allan

    This looks really good. Would def be a great Christmas present

  7. Susan B

    That takes me back down memory lane. It is no surprise that Scalextric remains such a popular toy.

  8. Kayleigh Watkins

    Scaletrix sets are one of those toys that never goes out of fashion, my son had three sets when he was younger, he’s 13 now, I wish I had kept them as megan would love them now, and as you say they are good quality so will last years xXx

  9. Margaret Gallagher

    Already purchased one !! Ethan will be so EXCITED come Christmas

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