First Pick of Apples from Our 50p Tree

First Pick of Apples from Our 50p Tree

I bought an apple tree back in July 2016 reduced to 50p in my local Asda Superstore.  I decided why not, for that price I may aswell buy it and plant it and see what happened.

Whether it failed miserably at growing, it would be a good lesson for the kids to see us try an plant it in the garden and watch it grow.

Apple Tree picture from July 2016

From 2016 to 2019

Well fast forward 3 years and it has come on really well and fruiting this year.

First Pick of Apples from Our 50p Tree

Grace has been really excited to try an apple from her tree for the first time, so as it started to change colour she picked off the fruit.

First Pick of Apples from Our 50p Tree Juicy Apple

Fair to say that she really enjoyed her juicy apple! She think it tastes even juicer been grown in her own garden.

First Pick of Apples from Our 50p Tree  Tasting our juicy apple

Have you got an apple tree growing in your garden? Or perhaps something else. Do let us know what you grew this year in your garden.

Mummy H

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11 Thoughts to “First Pick of Apples from Our 50p Tree”

  1. nadiashanahan

    Oooh how lovely I bet they taste delicious!

  2. Alice Colling

    Growing our own fruit definitely encourages my daughter to eat the produce. We have apple trees, plums, blueberries and this year our first crop of grapes.

  3. Charles Fletcher

    We have an apple tree in our garden that we were lucky enough to have lots of apples on this year. We have also planted a plum tree which we are hoping will fruit next year.

  4. Rachel Craig

    We only have a small area of communal garde. Luckily one of the neighbour’s has gardening experience, and still enjoys gardening :- He volunteered to care for the area, and it is Beautiful ! A local Gardening Competition for Communal Gardens :- 2nd Prize was won. The area is so colourful with a vast selection of flowering plants. We donated a lovely plant, which was in a sale at 50p. It is doing well amongst the others.

    Some neighbour’s donate plants :- A nice rose bush from one who had down sized from previous home. The children love the garden. It has such variety.

    I would love to grow an apple tree. Certainly hope to at some point have a tree planted in remembrance of Best Friend’s Parents. They were so Kind, Caring and Nurturing :- I was like part of their family. So certainly a fruit tree of some sort :- Producing Nourishment. Which is what they did, as a part of their life Philosophy.

  5. Susan B

    How lovely! I was lucky enough to grow up in a home with a big garden so had abundant fruit all summer and mum preserved the rest to eat in winter. I don’t have a garden at the moment but am growing a medlar tree in a big tub. Very excited that it is fruiting for the first time this year.

  6. fionajk42

    That’s so great! We have a really old apple tree in our garden, which had been left to its own devices for several years by the previous owner. This year my husband has given it a fiarly drastic pruning in the hope that next year it will start to be productive again.

  7. Margaret Gallagher

    No Apple trees in our garden but our canal .is 2 minutes walk – abundance down there

  8. Sean Eccles

    They look delicious we grow berries in our garden 🙂

  9. Susie Wilkinson

    So that’s got your 50p back! My Dad’s got lots of apple trees, it’s great to just go into the garden and pick a fresh apple!

  10. gouldie7

    Looks good! Surprised they are ready so early. Ours are still green…

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