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Moonpig Fancy Dress Costumes

We were sent two lovely packages from Moonpig to review. There were a princess fairy outfit and cowboy set, they both arrived beautifully packaged, each in their own boxes to fit the right size dress up outfits in! They are both beautifully made items The Candy Floss Fairy set which is age 3+ is true to size, lovely fitting and will make any little girl feel and look like a Fairy ! The set consists of wings, wand and skirt. I am really impressed with the quality of the wings as I have bought dress up wings in the past and they aren’t that good quality and didn’t last long, but these are lovely and excellent quality, you can see that care has been taken, as there are sequins all around on the edging of the wings leading into wiggly lines in the middle and pink gems to give them an extra special look. In the middle of the wings there is a silver sparkle and pink netting in the shapeMoonpig Halloween Fairy Family Clan Blog of a bow with a light pink flower in the middle. Whereas normally you would get simple elastic for your child to allow the wings to go over her arms to stay on, these have the elastic but are covered in a thick comfort material like a scrunchy bobble, so I am really happy to let my daughter wear these as I know that they will be a comfort on her. To add to positives, instead of pulling the elastic down and around the arm to take on and off, you can actually Velcro these together as they come apart on each arm. The wand has butterfly style wings at the top with feathering fluff with the light pink flower in the middle , four dangling bits of ribbon which is silver and light pink and the silver ribbon is also down the wand stick to keep the fairy look going on. Grace really likes this and was taking it everywhere with her as she uses one in her ballet class and loves it their too! And wow… the skirt! Where do I start! Lovely pink elasticated satin waist band with three ruffled layers and lining. Each layer is trimmed with silver sparkly ribbon, the same as the wand, it hangs perfect as well! My little fairy really liked wearing this and really didn’t want to take it off! She was running around with the full outfit on and tapping the wand on Jake… Goodness knows what she was turning him into maybe a Cowboy!

Which leads me on to my next outfit, Jake had the privilege of dressing up as a cowboy! His outfit consisted of a waistcoat, badge, hat, scarf and belt with holster. He couldn’t wait to get this on from opening the box when it arrived! How exciting and little ones do love dress up, he tells me he does it a lot in reception at Choosing Time! Another lovely set with good quality make the waist coat he put on and then he looked down and seen the big silver star sheriff badge which made him excited straight away! With cow print on top half and brown at bottom black trim with red tassels on the middle front to give the Wild West look this is a great quality made item again.

Moonpig Halloween Cowboy 2 Family Clan Blog



The hat is a great dress up item, it’s a light tan brown with a leather rope look trim thread all around the edge of the hat. We added the belt which fastens with a big gold buckle with red star and has the holster, which you can add a pretend gun if wanted which adds to the cowboy look.  It is a Velcro fastened belt so is great and will be easy to do for any age the neckerchief is red and white gingham which you tie around the back of the neck all my little cowboy needs to do is add a pair of his bottoms and top and he’s fit for the wild west! Just like Grace, Jake didn’t want to take his outfit off until he had to for bath time! He then started shouting “Yeeehaaa” after he posed for the picture, and Grace copied in her own little way!

The hat he wears all the time now thinking he is a little cowboy and has given Grace the Jessie hat from Toy Story that we have so they can be cowboy and cowgirl together!

We love having dress up time and I believe that both these outfits would also be great for Halloween, stand out amongst the crowd. You don’t have to be a witch, a skeleton, or something gruesome! These are outfits for all year round not just for one night at least you will get your money worth and use them more than once. I love them both and will be using them a lot. You can order them from Moonpig for just £15 each in the sale at the moment Fairy & Cowboy.

Mummy H

Moonpig sent us these costumes for us to review free of charge. Our opinions are in no way swayed by this. All our reviews are our honest thoughts & feelings.

5 Thoughts to “Fancy Dress at Moonpig”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    They are absolutely great – great for vreative fun and learning

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Never new moon pig did this -pictures look amazing thanks for the information

  3. Martina Evans

    Such cute costumes and kids! I’m glad that Moonpig are doing costumes now, kids love to dress up and give cards out, especially when its somebody’s birthday!

  4. Kim Carberry

    Aww! What fab costumes…I didn’t know Moonpig did these either. What a surprise x

  5. Maya Russell

    I didn’t know Moonpig did costumes. I thought they only did cards!! I think it’s nice to dress up at Halloween in any fancy dress, especially for young ones.

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