We Have Family Clan New Members!

New Members of Our Family

Today we got some Family Clan new members. Who I hear you cry.

Granddad Al and myself have a large 50 inch fish tank, that for the past two years has been the domian of a one in one inch Kribensis, yes a one inch fish in a fifty in tank! But he was a bully and had killed all our other Kribensis, Guppies, Angel Fish etc.  But we still couldn’t just flush him, so we decided to wait until he passed naturally, not realising that he would last two years on his own in his large empire.

He, finally, passed a couple of weeks ago and after cleaning out the tank thoroughly and all the other maintenance that was needed today Granddad Al went and purchased some new fish. We now have nine new members.

guppies fish new members family clan blog guppies fish new members Family Clan Blog guppies fish new members Family Clan Blog

 New Guppies

We have six Guppies, two Platys and one Angel Fish. We have one male and five female Guppies, so he will be a happy chappy! You should always have more males Guppies to female as they can be quite aggressive if they feel threatened.

Platy Fish New Members Family Clan Blog

Angel Fish New MembersFamily Clan Blog






Two New Palatys                                                                                 Angel Fish

After letting them acclimatise, for 20 minutes or so, with the bags floating on top of the tank. Granddad Al, slowly let them loose in to their new home.

Let hope they like it and we have new babies from the Guppies soon, to help the tank fill even more.

Do you keep fish?  If so what type have you got?

Nanna Jane

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10 Thoughts to “We Have Family Clan New Members!”

  1. RachelSwirl

    oh I wondered about fish one day, enjoy them!

  2. Hayley Todd

    We have tropical fish too! My daughter absolutely loves sitting watching them swimming around their tank!

  3. Samantha O'D

    Lovely. We used to have tropical fish growing up

    1. Nanna-Jane

      We used to have lots, started with goldfish then progressed. Glad we have them again now. xx Jane

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    We have the same fish as you
    Love just sitting and watching them
    It’s so relaxing

    1. Nanna-Jane

      I hadn’t realised how much I had missed them until I sat there watching them instead of the TV last night. How’s your niece doing? xx Jane

      1. Margaret Gallagher

        She had a beautiful baby girl yesterday
        ESMAY-BIT early but both doing great
        Off to see her now xx
        Thankyou for asking xxxxx
        I was watching the fish for ages waiting for news from my neice x

        1. Nanna-Jane

          Awww Congratulations to her & all your family. Glad to hear they are both well. Send us a picture if you can. We love new babies.
          I had my children at Chorley, the old PRI & Sharoe Green in Preston, do they still have babies at Sharoe Green? xx Jane

          1. Margaret Gallagher

            Thankyou -worked at RPH 10 years ago -not sure what their set up is now as everything is “centralized”!!
            I have pictures on WhatsApp haven’t a clue how to send from here
            Will find out soon and send some

            She’s at Burnley general
            Still in
            Hopefully home tomorrow
            Esmay is beautiful 6 lb 7oz

          2. Nanna-Jane

            Awww Esmay such a beautiful name. Congratulations again, so exciting having new babies in the family.

            No idea on technology myself! xx Jane

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