Face the Future Heliocare 360˚ SPF50 Review

Heliocare 360˚ SPF50

Heliocare Sun Cream SPF50

Being someone with very white skin I have be extra careful and use SPF50 sun screen when I go out in the sun, not only in summer, but also on a lovely bright sunny day in the three other seasons of the year to. I burn remarkably easy to the point that I get all red and end up blistering, then comes the unsightly peeling.

A few years ago whilst studying for my exams we took the kids to the beach at Formby Point one Sunday lunch time and stayed until late in the afternoon, whilst hubby & the kids had fun on the beach, I sat there doing my revision for an upcoming exam.  I made sure the kids had regular coats of sun cream SPF50, but I forgot to do myself, apart from when we first arrived.  With a mixture of the sun & the sand, that had stuck to what sun screen I did put on & magnifying it, on an intensely hot sunny day, boy did I burn, I was one red hot momma for all the wrong reasons!

I attempted to get into the shower, but actually passed out on the bathroom floor from the pain, luckily Granddad Al was with me.  My legs from where my shorts had been to my feet was one long big blister, my arms where the same, from my wrists to the top of my arm where my t-shirt sleeves started. I can only describe the pain as white hot, it was so over powering.

I ended up laying on the bed with just a soft cotton sheet over me.  I was a right mess.  I took lots of painkillers, put on lots of after sun – luckily we had a spray pump type and drank as much fluids as I could, which wasn’t easy as I was nauseous from all the pain & heat.

I managed to get to my exam, but silly me dressed in a pair of jeans, I couldn’t go & sit in an exam hall showing my blisters off!  But oh boy what a big mistake!

When I got home I couldn’t wait to get my jeans off, all my skin from the blisters on my legs came off with them.  I’ll not go into to much detail as it’s really gross. but I had no skin on my legs.  To this day I’ve no idea why I didn’t wear a long skirt or a maxi dress, but no I had to be stubborn & wear my jeans!

I ended up having an emergency appointment at my GP, he was ever so good & gave me an injection for the nausea and a spray for my arms & legs.  He advised me of the cancer risk I had exposed myself to & warned me never to get myself burnt again. I now smother myself in a SPF50 sunscreen when I know I am going to be outside during daylight.  The sun doesn’t have to be shining brightly to burn you.

I’ve been testing Face the Future’s Heliocare 360˚ SPF50 for the past few weeks & I love it. It soaks in to your skin leaving no residue, it smells divine & it really moisturises you skin & leaves your it feeling smooth & silky.

Heliocare Sun Cream SPF50 Family Clan Blog

Heliocare Sun Cream SPF50 Family Clan Blog







A small amount goes a long way, but I have to admit to always using more than necessary after what I went through from the story above that’s understandable I think!
The amount shown in the picture above covered the back of my hands & my fingers’Heliocare 360 3 Family Clan Blog (1)

I love this & with all the sunny days we have had so far this year I’m feeling very sun safe & secure using it.

Perfect for Sensitive Skin

100% Mineral Filters

UVA, UVB, IR-A and Visible Light Protection

It is now a firm favourite in my handbag.  The 50ml bottle goes everywhere with me like a mascot!

You can purchase Heliocare 360˚ SPF50 from Face the Future for £24.95 for 50ml, it usually  sells for £30.00 so it’s a great time to buy it, especially with Summer just around the corner… hopefully! It is a lightweight mineral sunscreen that provides broad spectrum UV protection for all skin types, including sensitive or intolerant skin, it’s also a moisturiser for your skin, there’s no sticky residue that sand or alike will stick to, it’s just brilliant & I really do love it!

Nanna Jane

We was sent this for us to review free of charge. Our opinions are in no way swayed by this. As always all our reviews are our honest thoughts & feelings.

6 Thoughts to “Face the Future Heliocare 360˚ SPF50 Review”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Just bought some of this
    Let’s hope it doesn’t cause a breakout
    My skin is so sensitive I really stuggle in the sunshine

    1. Nanna-Jane

      I really do love it Margaret. It’s protected my skin so far, with no troubles. I’m so white I make a snowman look sunburnt! Totally missed out on the sunburning gene.

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Time to invest in this little beauty
    Sounds perfect for me

  3. Samantha O'D

    looks great, good to see a really high factor

  4. sarah prescott

    This looks like it would be good for my skin

    1. Nanna-Jane

      It really is lovely Sarah. x

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