FabLab Nail Art – Win Nail Art & Hairlights


This FabLab Nail Art set is a party-ready kit to create striking FabLab Nail Art designs which can be done in under 5 minutes and they look so effective. With this FabLab Nail Art set from Interplay, you can get creative and will look Fab and stand out amongst the rest.

FabLab Nail Art Review by Family Clan

Contents of the box:-

7 Nail Varnish (transparent, hot pink, white, black, turqoise, blue, orange)
Heart shaped sprinkles
Star shaped sprinkles
Toe separator
Emery board (heart shaped)
Fine nail-art brush
Instruction booklet

Everything you need is included within the box, so this is great, we can get started instantly.


First of all, assure hands and nails are washed well and lets get ready for some girly pampering! Using the nail file supplied you can remove any sharp edges on your nails before we begin.

There are a choice of 7 FabLab Nail Art nail varnishes to choose from it did take Grace a little while which colour she wanted, until she said she wanted multicoloured, so going one by one she decided to paint her own nails! She has had lots of practice in the past as she is such a girly girl and loves painting her nails, definitely not perfectly I may add, but who am I to say she can’t!

FabLab Nail Art Review by Family Clan

For any new learners, the instruction booklet very clearly tells you the correct way to paint your nails and also explaining that you may need 2 or 3 coats, but they went on really well and bright on the first application apart from the hot pink which would need another coat.

FabLab Nail Art Review by Family Clan

FabLab Nail Art Designs

I will be the first to admit, I am not very artistic at all but me and Grace was actually quite excited to start designing on her painted nails.

From left to right, we started by using the fine nail art brush, dipping it slightly into the black nail polish, and starting our designs, from stripes to smiley faces and hearts and stars she was looking Fab!

FabLab Nail Art Review by Family Clan

Next Grace asked for some sprinkles on her nails, so using the transparent nail varnish I applied a small dot and popped a few sprinkles on her black painted nails so they would stand out.

FabLab Nail Art Review by Family Clan

There are plenty of designs to follow within the instruction booklet giving you plenty of ideas on what designs to create. I really fancy some of these myself too and Grace has already said she will be doing her nails painted black at Halloween with some stars and heart sprinkles on to go with her dressy-up.

Our Thoughts

This FabLab Nail Art set has been really good fun, and didn’t take long for us to create these designs at all. Yes, it might take longer if you are really good at creating patterns, but me and Grace have had so much fun. The supplied toe separator is to large for Graces toes so she decided it was a perfect shape as a crown!

Check out this awesome FabLab video of their amazing products!

FabLab Nail Art is available from Amazon for just £9.99.


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Mummy H & Grace


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