FabLab Hairlights

FabLab Hairlights review by Family Clan

FABLAB Hairlights


This FabLab Hairlights are the coolest party-ready fun that can be done in minutes! They are so simple to do which such an effective look, you’ll be party ready in no time. With this FabLab Hairlights set from Interplay, you can get creative and will look Fab and stand out amongst the rest.

FabLab Hairlights review by Family Clan

Contents of the box:-

6 Hairlight pots (green, purple, blue, pink, red and yellow)
2 hair clips
1 pair of protective gloves
Instruction booklet

Everything you need is included within the box, so this is great, we can get started instantly, or if you are planning a trip away you can take the contents of the box with you as they won’t take up much room at all in your bag.


Choosing which colours you would like in your hair is really hard, and it took Grace a long time to choose which colours she wanted, until she asked for ‘unicorn hair’. So I took this as the idea of multi-coloured hair in a plait. She is such a mythological fan and likes all things unicorn and fairies and is drawn in by all the magic, so she couldn’t wait to get started to be a unicorn.

The instructions were extremely clear to understand so we followed them to help guide us to apply the hairlights.

It is advised that if you have light hair then you would choose the darker colours as they will stand out more, and if you have dark hair then you are best to use the lighter coloured hairlights to stand out. It is also best to use the supplied gloves when using these hairlights as they can stain.

So first I looked through the instruction booklet and got an idea of how I was going to use the FabLab Highlights on Grace’s hair. There is some great ideas, but she won’t sit for to long so I went for the ‘dip dye’ effect.

FabLab Hairlights review by Family Clan

It is best to apply the Hairlights little by little, so if you are doing streak then gather a small section of hair and separate it with the clip.

As I decided doing the dip dye would be best for Grace’s ‘unicorn hair’, I sectioned hair hair across using both hair clips to secure her hair into place as she has so much of it!

FabLab Hairlights review by Family Clan

Next you open the container and gently rub the Hairlights down the length of the hair that you want coloured making sure you always go from top to bottom. Repeating this process will leave you with a brighter colour. I started with purple, doing this section of separated hair, this did come out lighter than expected so I guess this would be suited better for the darker haired.

I then carried on repeating each sections of Grace’s hair using the darker colours, which as you can see turned out much more effective to her blonde hair.

FabLab Hairlights review by Family Clan

Grace’s hair started to take shape now, and I could see how awesome it was beginning to look and she was so excited to be a unicorn. I then put some of the lighter colours yellow and pink to the top of her and then plait her hair for our afternoon out.

FabLab Hairlights review by Family Clan

Grace couldn’t wait to show her friends we were meeting that afternoon.

FabLab Hairlights review by Family Clan


Grace has loved the FabLab Hairlights, the darker colours have lasted a little while in her hair but the lighter colours did seem to fade quickly but can easily be touched back up. I would really recommend this product, it is fun, simple and would be perfect for a girly night. The FabLab Hairlights would also look amazing with curled hair, and to remove just simply wash hair with shampoo.

Check out this awesome FabLab video of their amazing products!

FabLab Hairlights is available from Amazon for just £9.99. It is super fun to play with.

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Mummy H & Grace

7 Thoughts to “FabLab Hairlights”

  1. Sharon Freemantle

    Layla-Mai would love this

  2. Susie Wilkinson

    I love the look! I’ve tried hair chalks before and they left my hair like straw, was this the same?

    1. Mummy H

      Hi Susie, I only did these in Grace’s hair, but no they worked great and didn’t leave her hair straw-like.

  3. Susan B

    Oh, the girls would adore this. They are just getting into hair and makeup.

  4. Ashleigh Allan

    My daughter would love this. Looks like it turned out great

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    We love these too – always fun at party time for creating magical looks

  6. Margaret Gallagher

    The girls love these especially at party time – always fun and a new look

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