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Eyejusters are a single pair of glasses to replace all your reading glasses, just turn the dials to change the lens power from +0.50 up to +4.00. You can use them for when you are on your computer, doing D.I.Y., on your mobile or tablet, doing hobbies and crafts, and of course, for reading. Great idea from a British company

Eyejusters Review Family Clan

Eyejusters come in four different styles and a combination of colours with in those styles. We chose the brown tortoise shell, but we could have had grey tortoise, navy or black all in the Acetate, but you could chose from Stainless Steel, Acetate & Steel, or Multi-layer, so there is something to suit everyone. They range in prices from £69-£79, with FREE delivery. As they are adjustable they could last years, I think they are a bargain! Think of how much we spend in the opticians every year when we get a new pair.

Eyejusters Review Family Clan

So How Do Eyejusters Work?

Every pair of Eyejusters (website) contains amazing SlideLens™ technology. Five years of intensive research brings you the very latest in vision correction.

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Hidden behind the front of the glasses frame are two adjustable dials. you turn or twist these until the item you are looking at comes into focus. Eyejusters recommend adjusting both sides at the same time. They are great for me for when I am doing my crochet or knitting, but yet Grandad Al can use them whilst he’s fiddling and fixing something, simply by adjusting them.

Eyejusters Review Family Clan
There is a turning dial on each side of the glasses

I keep our Eyejusters in their case at the side of my chair with my hooks & needles. They come with a sturdy case which protects them and also included is a cleaning cloth.

All the styles have have anti scratch coating as standard on the lenses, perfect if you are like Grandad Al and just put them down anywhere!

If you are not sure about Eyejusters then you can trial them for 30 days to see the difference and make sure they are perfect for you.

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Eyejusters have kindly given us another pair of these fantastic glasses to give away.

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  1. Henry

    I would browse through some old family photo albums to rekindle some memories.

  2. Dave C

    I’m going to borrow of mice and men off a friend as I’ve never read it!

  3. janine atkin

    id read my favourite book, great expectations with these

  4. Caroline H

    I’d love to get through Lord of the Rings. It’s on the shelf but it’s a tome with tiny writing and my eyes just aren’t up to it, especially when they are a little tired at the end of the day.

  5. leanne weir

    Has to be the hunger games. I cannot get enough of it

  6. Phil Darling

    I’d get the new book ‘How to survive in a dnagerous World’

  7. sarah birkett

    no particular painting but I would like to be able to go to an art gallery and admire the art without actually touching them

  8. Anna

    I have been meaning to read a book my son recommended for months ‘ Doing Good Better’ William Macaskill

  9. stuart hargreaves

    Pickwick Papers – my fav book of all time well done Charlie

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Mine is Great Expectations. I must read it 4-5 times a year but still love it. x

  10. Mark Cameron

    i’d reads lord of the rings

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