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The Expansion Game by Gosia Gorna

This life-changing book introduces a powerful new method called “The Expansion Game”, which can transform your life and free you from fear of failure, not being good enough and being judged.

It is packed with many real life examples, case studies and helpful tips, which will help you let go of the need to hide, procrastinate and play small. It will give you clarity to live your best life!

This book will help you to…
• Turn your biggest fears into your biggest successes
• Find clarity quickly
• Make brilliant decisions


Does Fear hold you back from achieving your best? Does Fear hold you back in your personal and work life?

Fear can stop your life dead in it’s tracks. It can stop you attaining your potential in life and even just enjoying your life can come to end all because of FEAR!

The Expansion Game Gosia Gorna Review 1 Family Clan

My Thoughts

Gosnia Gorna has put her knowledge and insight into this life changing book. Just reading it through once was eye opening. I’ve already started re-reading it and making lots of notes and completing the tasks at the end of each chapter.

I could relate to some of the case studies in the book. I’d really recommend this book if you feel like you are at an impasse in your life and maybe you are not sure why. I’m going to make sure I pass it around my friends, as I’m sure once I’ve told them about it they will want to read it.

You can buy The Expansion Game by Gosia Gorna on Amazon from just £3.99

Nanna Jane


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The mandatory question is ” What is your biggest fear and why? ”
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79 Thoughts to “Giveaway: The Expansion Game by Gosia Gorna”

  1. Emily Belfield

    death is my biggest fear, it is the ultimate unknown.

  2. Katherine Lucas

    Heights because I fell off a roof when I was younger and still wake up in cold sweats thinking about it

  3. claire little

    ladybirds they freak me out!

  4. Briony Jones

    My biggest fear, is the fear of dying. I have watched both my parents and my son die in excruciating pain, and I’m scared that I will die alone in pain. I know its stupid, and everyone dies, but that is my biggest fear.

  5. Kyomi Johnson

    Not being able to keep on fighting cancer

  6. Nikki Hunter-Pike

    can’t believe i’m typing this – my biggest fear is not being good enough, whether that’s not iftting in and not being part of a crowd or not being one of the best at something i choose to do. I’ve got better over the years but I still struggle with it!

  7. zoe d

    My biggest fear is death

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