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EnvroKidz Gorilla Munch Corn Puffs

There is a new organic and gluten-free kids’ cereal launched by Nature’s Path Organic – EnviroKidz…Gorilla Munch Corn Puffs! They are also dairy-free and high in fibre.
Gorilla Munch Nature's Path Envriokids cereal review by Family Clan
We are already familiar with some of the Envirokidz range Leapin Lemurs and Choco Chimps as we have already previously reviewed these which you can read about here.
EnviroKidz cereals are always organic, they are made from the best organic ingredients, grown in harmony with nature on organic farms.
I like that these are high in fibre as I myself and Jake have been told to follow a high fibre diet so this is an added bonus, there are also no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives in these boxes.
Gorilla Munch Nature's Path Envriokids cereal review by Family Clan
They are an excellent choice for the whole family, there cereals and snacks are made from the best organic ingredients. The Gorilla Munch Corn Puffs 300g box contains 6.7g of fibre per 100g and have NO artificial flavors, colours or preservatives.
Jake is the fussiest eater of the both of my children and when it comes to new products he isn’t one to raise his hands first to try. So I just placed them in his breakfast bowl, served with milk and didn’t mention any change to him.
He ate the lot and actually complimented them at the end, they really are tasty!

Save Gorillas!

Every time you choose EnviroKidz, they donate 1% of sales to environmental education and conservation projects that help save endangered animals, so far they have donated over £2.1 million. Each box also contains useful information and facts and activities inside to see once you have finished you box.
EnviroKidz products are made from certified zero waste facilities, preserving water, using green energy, composting and recycling.
We have really enjoyed these cereals and they really are so tasty and crunchy.  I’ve even found my self snacking on them.
You can see the wide range of Nature’s Path Envirokidz cereals on their website. Available from Ocado and in the free from aisle of Tesco and Asda £2.99
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8 Thoughts to “Envirokids Gorilla Goodness Cereal”

  1. lesley renshaw

    I’ll have to look out for these next time I’m at Tesco. I have real trouble getting my daughter to eat cereal in the morning but these look like the kid of thing she’d like and they’re healthy. Win/Win 🙂

  2. Charlene Merrall

    This sounds fabulous, I love that some money is donated to help save those endangered animals

  3. Samantha O'D

    I love the boxes! so cute!

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Will be a winner here – taste and healthier than other well known brands too

  5. Jeanette Leighton

    These look and sound good their is always too much sugars in cereal these days

  6. kelly wheelhouse

    I’ve actually never seen these before, but they look great! I’ll definitely be stocking the cupboard up on these 🙂

  7. Susan B

    I haven’t seen this product or range before but am delighted to read about it now, especially their environmental education and conservation project contributions.

  8. Ashleigh Allan

    My kids would love this and great it helps endangered species

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