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Emily Crisps are makers of fruit and vegetable crisps. Their crisps are batch cooked and seasoned for the most delicious flavours.

I love sweet potato and it is a vegetable that I do use often when cooking.

Whether that be in a hotpot in the slow cooker, diced up and chucked in the oven to make sweet potato chips or wedges as a side, or one of our favourite recipes is sweet potato curry that we like to make at least once a month.

They are so versatile what you can do with them, when asked if I would try out these Emily Veg Crisps to review I couldn’t wait to try them.

Emily lives for the discovery of delicious food, travelling the world to find the finest of flavours.

Taking inspiration from her adventures, Emily is now in the business of bringing the fun back to snacking, using her innovative technique which turns the freshest veg into crunchy crisps.

A new and unique take on the humble crisp, enjoy a nutritious, high fibre snack.

Emily’s crunchy sensations are seasoned to perfection, bringing our the best possible flavours of their nourishing sweet potato.

Each pack is also a great size to share!

They are all full of flavours, and do have that amazing crunch, and your mouth bursts with flavours from every single one. They are seasoned to perfection.

Whats more these packs are all Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly and completely natural!

Sweet potato sticks seasoned with salt & pepper

Emily Veg Crisps review by Family Clan

Discover crunchy sweet potato sticks seasoned with black pepper and a dash of sea salt.

There are four servings within this pack, such a yummy healthy treat.

Sweet potato sticks seasoned with chilli and lime

Emily Veg Crisps review by Family Clan

Okay, I’m not the biggest chilli fan, but I don’t mind them very mild when used in cooking. But I was very surprised with these, they are bursting with flavour.

They are crunchy and dusted with a sweet, spicy chilli and a hint of tangy lime. I didn’t get much of a chilli kick, which is great, but you can taste the flavour of the chilli from the cayenne spice.  They work really well with the other flavours. In this pack there are four servings.

Sweet potato sticks seasoned with sea salt

These bold purple and classic yellow sweet potato sticks are gently sprinkled with sea salt. I have had purple crisps before, beetroot crisps, they where very tasty.

These are the more plain option, but I did find these ones a bit harder to crunch than the others.

This pack contains five servings within.

Our Thoughts

These Emily Veg Crisps have been a great alternative as a snack, and they are extremely filling if I’m honest. They would be perfect to snack on the go, when you are feeling hungry, but when it is not quite lunch time.

The Emily Crisps are available from Waitrose, Boots, Tesco and WHSmith and the on Amazon website

These would make a great alternative on the table this Christmas, or perhaps a healthier treat in a Christmas Eve Box.

Mummy H

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2 Thoughts to “Emily Sweet Potato Veg Crisps”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Love these – the flavours are so rich too – CERTAINLY recommend to all for the festivities

  2. Ashleigh Allan

    These sound and look great. Would love to try them

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