Elijah’s Vow by Abbie Carlisle Book Review

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Elijah’s Vow by Abbie Carlisle

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Blurb: Jasmine Tate, an Editor from New York, relaxes on her first vacation in years until a tall, dark, handsome stranger throws her into a world of power and tantalizing passion. She realizes that humans are not the only race in existence. Her life shatters around her as their worlds collide and everything she’s ever believed in is destroyed as her true identity is laid out before her.

Elijah, The Order’s leader, has never known true love. Tormented by his past, he has lived only to protect his race, but when he meets Jasmine his heart is captivated by her beauty and he becomes obsessed with his possession and desire for her.

As a war begins between The Order and the Phoenix League, he must face an enemy that is intent on destroying everything that matters to him, but can he protect the one thing that has become his destiny?

Review: E lijah’s Vow is Abbie Carlisle’s debut novel and the first in The Order of the Mist series.
 I enjoyed this book but have to say straight out it is very sexually explicit.
The story takes place in the Northwest of the United States and begins with Jasmine in a small coastal town on a much needed vacation. She is soon pulled into The Order of the Mist’s battle for their survival. The Mist is a race that has been around for several hundred years. Each member of The Order has their own unique gifts and skills, which helps the group to survive.
I loved how the some history of the Mist came out throughout the first few chapters of the book, but I feel some of my American friends would have trouble with some of the terminology as it is writing in British English, but on the whole they would grasp the story.
I would love a pre-quel to this book (even though I hate that expression) to enable me to understand more of the history of the characters, how they formed into the present group.
For a first book it’s a strong start & I can’t wait to read the next one to continue the story about Jonah.

You purchase a copy of the book for as little as £2.37 for a Kindle Edition.


Meet the Author

Abbie Carlisle

Abbie Carlisle

Abbie published her debut novel through Siren Bookstrand in August, 2014. She lives in the UK and writes paranormal erotic romance. As an Author, she takes pride in offering readers exciting stories with characters they can relate to. She is dedicated to bringing enjoyment to readers each and everyday.
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