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Bead Maze Cube Review

We have just got this great bargain off Ebay, this Bead Maze Cube cost 99p then collection. Yes 99p!

FC Bead Maze Cube 2

Olivia is going to love it, she is 11 months old in two days so lots of bright colours & moving things to attract her.

One side has a blackboard, she’s probably too young for that, but Jake who is 2 ¾ will love it. Second side is a clock that has easy turning hands.

FC Bead Maze Cube 3

The third side has flip square with the numbers 1 to 9 with little picture like 1 sun, 6turtles & the like. The last side has a xylophone, no little hammer came with it, but sure a little wooden spoon will do the job.

FC Bead Maze Cube 4

It’s a foot square with the bead & maze wires on top, but can be put away inside for when it is not being used, which is ideal for when the little ones are not visiting.

Was thinking of putting a cushion on the top to make it a stool too, what do you think?

Nanna Jane

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2 Thoughts to “Ebay Bargain”

  1. Ashleigh Allan

    That’s amazing what a great bargain.

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