Easter Musings

Easter is tomorrow so I thought I’d put some of the thoughts going around in my head down in the blog.  Some will be random, other memories.

This year Easter falls on the Anniversary of my Fathers death, 36 years ago, but I still feel a stab in my heart & a tear brimming when ever I remember that day.  I’d been off school as I’d had an accident & damaged my left wrist, being left handed it meant that I was unable to do any work in school so, most unusually Mum let me have the day off.

Dad had been in hospital for a couple of weeks but was on the mend, then a police man knocked on the door, as we didn’t have a telephone the hospital had to send one to ask Mum to go, he took Mum & my eldest brother to the hospital in Preston, but sadly it was too late.

I can see her walking up the path from the taxi that they had used to come home, carrying a large bag of my Dad’s things. I remember screaming at the door, I just knew from their faces what had happened. I don’t remember anyone actually saying it in words, but that day my World changed for ever.

OK can’t say much more on that at the moment, pass me a tissue!

Back to Easter when did it become associated with a rabbit? Chicks I understand, being Spring when new life arrives, but a rabbit I don’t get. If anyone does know please leave me a comment to put me put of my curiosity.

When I was younger before the “event” we used to go away in our touring caravan, it was a Sprite Musketeer, we had an egg each & once we’d opened them the boxes became part of a game.  Whether that be getting a ball through the hole, seeing how many we could stack before it fell, all the children on the site used to play together so we could have quite a few boxes, maybe our version of croquet, anything our imagination gave us before the boxes disintegrated beyond our use.

Obviously this is way before computers, personal music players, mobile phones etc. But we would play for hours no matter what the weather, it was only a bit of rain, very rarely sunshine.  It was always a relaxed affair, giving us happy memories. What are your memories of Easters gone by, do you have a special year?

Happy Easter everyone, go build a memory.

Nanna Jane

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One Thought to “Easter Musings”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    The pain of losing those special never leaves us – always in our hearts

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