Drumond Park Pickin’ Chickens Review

Drumond Park Pickin' Chickens Family Clan Blog

Pickin’ Chickens Drumond Park Review

We have been sent Pickin’ Chickens to review from Drumond Park.

Jake was super excited, as he has seen it advertised on TV.  Before I had even gotten the chance to speak to him he had told me all about the game and how to play it! Fair to say, he was super excited!
The contents of the box includes :- 16 coloured chicken (4 red, 4 yellow, 4 blue and 4 green), 12 chicken coops, rotating game base (field circle), 4 double-sided chicken cards, 1 farmer card and instructions.
This game is aimed at age 4+ with 2 to 4 player

  • Save your chicks from the Jumping Fox!
  • Help Farmer Giles to keep the chickens safe!
  • 1st player to collect 4 chicks wins!
  • No batteries required
  • For 2 – 4 players

There are 2 ways to play the game – one for younger children and one for older children. The aim of the game is to be the first player to collect all 4 chickens. Any colour chicken for younger players and 1 of each colour for older children.

Pickin' Chickens Drumond Park Family Clan Blog

We began by placing all the chicken coops on the board by slotting them in we put the chickens and the farmer card to the side. We pressed the foxes head down in the middle of the tree trunk and were ready to play!

Pickin' Chickens Drumond Park Family Clan Blog

Playing The Game

Everyone takes a Chicken Card (This card is reversible to use for the ‘younger game’ and ‘older game’). So for our first game we played the younger game, as Grace was playing with us so these rules would more be suited to her.

Pickin' Chickens Drumond Park Family Clan Blog
Youngest first so we let Grace start. You spin the game around clockwise when it stops you then take 1 chicken coop away of your choice. Underneath will be either be a farmer or a coloured chicken. If there is a red chicken underneath, you would then take a red chicken from the pile of chickens and place it on your card or if you chose the farmer you would pick the farmer card out, who will protect you from the fox.
You take it in turns to spin it around, collecting chickens as you go. But if you spin and the fox pops out the tree everybody loses 1 chicken from their collection. If you are lucky enough to be holding the farmer card your chickens will be safe and protected. But you must return the farmer card after it has been used!

The first one to collect all of their chickens is the winner!

We think Pickin’ Chicken is a winning game and we thoroughly recommend it.

For stockists and for more information, please go to Drumond Park website or you can purchase it from Amazon for £19.95


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