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As a family business, Doves Farm have milled organic and heritage flours as well as a range of naturally gluten free flours since they were founded. Doves Farm made biscuits from their wholemeal flour and also reintroduced some of the UK’s lost ancient grains back to our soils. Rye was first, then Spelt, and Einkorn and Emmer soon followed.  Today, Doves Farm continue to be driven by their original mission to make quality organic flour with care. The result is a range of unique, distinctive and trusted flours that make home baking a joy.

Doves Farm Review by Family Clan


We were sent a selection of their products for us to review. I love baking with the kids, so these are handy to have now in my cupboard.

Organic Strong Bread Flour

Strong flour, also commonly known as strong bread flour, is made from hard wheat varieties. It contains more gluten than other types of flour. This gives it its elasticity and enables the dough to rise with a good structure. Rather than fortifying the flour by adding refined gluten, at Doves Farm they blend their home-grown varieties of wheat with imported hard wheat to give the best results when baking bread. This flour would be great for yeast cookery and enriched doughs. Strong White flour is also used for choux pastry and filo pastry. Priced at £1.90 for 1.5kg.

Doves Farm Review by Family Clan


Organic Wholemeal Spelt Flour

Spelt Flour is one of many flours from ancient grains. These flours have distinctive characteristics and flavours which lend themselves to a whole variety of bakes. If you are keen to experiment with different flavours, crumb structures and experience the baking traditions of our past, then try baking with their range of ancient grain flours. You can also find out more about these grains here. Priced at £2.75 for 1kg.

Doves Farm Review by Family Clan


Organic Plain Flour

Plain flour is milled from soft wheat varieties and has low gluten and protein content which makes it suitable for biscuits and pastries where a crumbly texture is needed. This would be great for making Yorkshire puddings, pancakes, biscuits, scones, crumbles, pancakes, shortcrust pastry and sauces. Priced at £1.40 for 1kg.

Doves Farm Review by Family Clan

Organic Rice Flour Free From Gluten

Doves farm have been milling naturally gluten free flours since they were founded, as an alternative to wheat-containing flours for those who follow a gluten free lifestyle. Sold under the FREE brand these are produced in a dedicated mill from natural wholegrains, such as brown rice and quinoa, their blends mean that you don’t have to mix your own. Priced at £1.80 for 1kg.

Doves Farm Review by Family Clan


Quick Yeast 

For all bread baking,  Quick Yeast is ideal for bread machines, just add this Quick Yeast straight from pack to the dry ingredients in your recipe. Priced at £1.15 for 125g.

Doves Farm Review by Family Clan

Doves Farm products are stocked in all good independent health food stores and supermarkets.

If you prefer you can also shop online and have access to their full product range in one place, you can buy straight from Doves Farm website or Ocado.

The Doves Farm range would also be an ideal thoughtful gift this Christmas for that special someone who is always in the kitchen baking. You could select a wide variety of Doves Farm products and make your very own hamper up at a great affordable price. I know a few people who would love these!

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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Never ACTUALLY tried this brand
    I know mu aunty would appreciate a HAMPER of these – shes always baking !
    Great idea for her birthday

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