Doodle Doo blindfolded maze fun!


Doodle Doo is a brand new game from Tactic. Tactic offer such a variety of products to suit the family, from board games to soft plush collectables Lumos Stars.

Grace still loves her Lumos Stars and Olivia is often found playing Frenetic on game’s nights.

We was really excited to receive Doodle Doo to review. Grace is a big fan of mazes, whereas Jake is a typical boy and loved that there was a whoopee cushion to make fart noises to trick his Dad, and Logan just kept laughing at the noises it made.

Contents of the box

4 double-sided game boards
Whoopee cushion
Eye mask
4 Whiteboard markers

Setting Up

The game took seconds to set up, we just needed to select the game board that we would like to use. You can choose from Snake, Cow, Sloth and Pig. Then grab a whiteboard marker blue/red/green/brown, this will then be your colour throughout the game.

How to Play Doodle Doo

To choose who goes first, you need to think back as to who saw the last pig… Jake said it was with the school a while ago, where as Grace’s answer was ‘Oh this week Mum, I seen Peppa Pig on TV’ hmmm, I couldn’t argue with her but said we will go with real pig, so Jake went first, followed by Grace, Logan and me!

The player to the left takes the whoopee cushion and gets ready to use it.

It is best to start off your first game with an easier design, so we decided to go with the snake. Jake would then have the mask, look at the pattern, place his pen on the snake and pull the blindfold down.

Onto Logan and Jake’s turn. Taking it in turn to find their way around the maze.

Needing to draw along the open path of the maze without hitting the walls of the snake!

Doodle Doo Review by Family Clan 6

The person on the left ready with the whoopee cushion to make a sound when the pen hits the wall of the snake.

Doodle Doo Review by Family Clan 6

Play continues round, when it comes up to your own turn again, you put the pen on the place where you last hit the wall and continue.

The end of the game happens when one of the players reaches the turd at the end of the maze. As there is a choice of four animals mazes to choose from, you can play additional games, so why not keep scores. 4 points for first, and 3 points for second…

Our Thoughts

There is elements of fun in each part of this game for all players, even when it isn’t your turn, you are looking at what the player is doing ready to catch them out! The blindfold leaves you fully covered, which I can vouch for, but watch out for little cheaters, as they like to try and peep, Jake….!

We have all had great fun with Doodle Doo, it’s been great family time this half term and kept us busy. You can find this available on Amazon Website.

Mummy H, Jake, Grace and Logan

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7 Thoughts to “Doodle Doo blindfolded maze fun!”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Need dome fun games for indoors – this is perfect – not to pricey either

  2. Charles Fletcher

    Not seen this before, it looks like a lot of fun.

  3. Alice Colling

    Never seen this before, it looks great fun!

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    That looks fun – not heard of it before – the boys will love it

  5. Laura Wheatley

    This looks like s good fun family game 🙂

  6. A S,Edinburgh

    This looks like really good fun for all ages.

  7. debbieskerten

    Great fun. My nieces and nephews would love this

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