Don’t Rock The Boat Game Review

Don’t Rock The Boat Game Review

Arrrrr yeready for some fun? Take turns trying to balance your pirate penguins on the ship, but if you rock the boat and send some mateys overboard, ye be a landlubber!

We have been sent Don’t Rock The Boat game by University Games for us to review. Jake and Grace have seen this advertised on the TV so were super excited when they seen this set up ready for them to play!

Don't Rock The Boat University Games Board Game Review by Family Clan

What’s in the Box

Contents of the box:-


3 Masts

2 piece water wave

16 pirate penguins


To set up we placed the wave pieces together, and underneath the boat there is an insert where you balance the boat on the wave stand.

Next we inserted the Masts into the positions onto the boat and you are ready to play, as simple as that!

How to Play Don’t Rock The Boat?

The aim of the game is to place your penguin pirates on the boat without them falling over the edge and once you place all your pirate penguins on the boat you win, but be careful if you knock the boat and a penguin falls off then its game over and the last player to place a pirate penguin on deck is the winner.

So we shared the penguins out, as we were playing three players, we had five penguins each. Youngest first, so Grace went first.

Grace placed her penguin on with a wobble, but it stayed! We each took it in turns adding a penguin on each time, until it was me who managed to rock the boat and sent them all over the edge on our first game, oops!

Don't Rock The Boat University Games Board Game Review by Family Clan


Jake and Grace really like this game. We did find it quite hard to find an equal balance at the start of the game, I suppose we need a lot more practice!

Don’t Rock The Boat is suitable for 2 to 4 players age 5+ and is available to purchase from Amazon.

Mummy H, Jake & Grace

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3 Thoughts to “Don’t Rock The Boat Game Review”

  1. Susan B

    I have seen this game but not had time to establish if it would be suitable for our family. Thanks for the clear review. The children would love it.

  2. Iris Tilley

    We bought this for our granddaughter it’s a fun game

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    2 of the boys have their birthdays mid april – think theyd really like this – might surprise them

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