Doc McStuffins Makes a House Call

Doc McStuffins

Doc McStuffins Makes A House Call

Doc McStuffins is a big family favorite in Family Clan, so when Flair asked if we would like to try some new products we jumped at the chance to review these new play sets that have been released.

The show is on Disney Junior daily and is always on in our house, Grace who is 3 and Jake who is 6, both really enjoy the show. They love the concept that the toys come magically to life when no other person is around apart from Doc McStuffins herself.
Doc McStuffins is the main character in the show, but she also has her toys who feature in each episode with her.

Stuffy, Hallie, Doc McStuffins, Lambie and Chilly

They come together and help any other toys that need the Doc’s assistance.
Doc McStuffins can make all the different toys better with her Medical Set!

Doc McStuffins Medical Set

Doc McStuffin Family Clan

Grace was so excited when she seen these as she really loves role play and took to the role straight away of being Doctor Grace as when I was opening the outer packaging from the postman, I somehow managed to cut my finger, so of course, a doctor was needed!

The Medical Set contains:-

  • Syringe –  Simply pull it backwards and forwards to use the syringe, grace uses this to pretend to give me medicine, it is very easy to use.
  • Otoscope – Grace loves using this on her dolls, checking their ears and mouths making sure that they are well.
  • Blood pressure cuff –  Wrap the band around your arm and fasten with velcro, you can then pump to check blood pressure.
  • Sticker sheet – Grace gave her dolls a sticker after they had been checked.
  • Bandage cuff – Grace uses this by holding it over a poorly place on her doll then ‘all better’.

Little doctors can practice their skills and nurture their favorite toys back to perfect health with this amazing set.

The accessories are realistic and look just like the one that are used in the show so Grace loves watching it and playing with her dolls/toys as she is pretending that they are unwell!

This Doc McStuffins Medical Set can be purchased from Amazon and other good toy retailers.


Doc McStuffin’s Role Play Set


Grace’s eyes lit up when she seen this, she was so excited to see that there was a ‘pink’ hairband and the doctors coat just like Doc McStuffins! She was so eager to get this on and start playing.

The Doctors Role Play set contains:-

  • Doctors coat – white doctors coat with heart fasten buttons.
  • White and purple striped vest – velcro fasten or easily slipped on.
  • Hairband – pink and sparkly with flower on just like Docs!
  • Doctors name badge – inserts into a strip of elastic on the coat.
  • Stethoscope – easily put around the neck and check your favorite toy.

Doc McStuffins Hospital Set Family Clan Blog

The vest and coat were very easy to put on Grace loved that there was heart buttons to fasten, the doctors coat fits age 4-6 so I just rolled the sleeves up a bit for Grace and it fit okay. The set matches Doc’s outfit perfectly.
Grace loves the doctors name badge, although she is using it as a mobile phone to call for help for her dolls instead. All good role play.

This Doc McStuffins Role Play set is available from Amazon and other good toy retailers.

Doc McGrace is in the House

Grace is now loving looking after her big brother Jake, who has recently been in for an operation, so definitely in need for a doctor! She’s checked his blood pressure, listened to his heart and then supplied the bandage on his arm. He said she made him feel much better.

Doc McStuffins Hospital Set Family Clan Blog

These are both excellent sets to have and everything your child will need to start up their own toy hospital!
Aimed at age 3+ these are an excellent sets to have. Flair’s Doc McStuffins range is perfect for role play!

Mummy H and Grace

Doc McStuffins Giveaway on UK Mums TV

UK Mums tv have a giveaway for the Doc McStuffins Hospital Set, click the picture to be taken to it. Good luck. x

Doc McStuffins Hospital Set

We was sent these item to review free of charge. Our opinions are in no way swayed by this. All our reviews are our honest thoughts & feelings.

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  1. ashleigh allan

    Looking great as doc mcstuffin – my kids loved that!

  2. Kayleigh Watkins

    They look like lots of fun xxx

  3. Samantha O'D

    Cute! We love watching doc

  4. RachelSwirl

    Fab review, so nice to read how others have reviewed these sets.

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Thanks Rachel. Grace really loves these wanted to sleep in her doctor coat the other night!

  5. Margaret

    Great for learning and creative play we love these beauties

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