Dobbies Halloween Fun

We were sent 3 Halloween themed items from Dobbies to review, they all came well packed and plenty of padding to make sure that products were not damaged.
Firstly was a trick or treat Halloween bag! Great size for children to carry . There are 3 bags designsDobbies Halloween 6 Family Clan Blogthat you can choose from, as shown online at Dobbies, we have the spooky orange one. I think they are very well made bags with orange handles great for little grabbing hands black zig zag felt trim on the top and bottom with words ‘Trick or Treat’ which are good sized letter for all to see.
Within the design there is spooky cat and bat which are both black and sparkled which will make them standout once light is shown on them when my little Trick or Treater knock on doors!
For the quality of the item ,I believe that paying £3.99 is a great price and know that it will be used more than once in my household! Jake’s favourite colour is orange, so when he got back from school and I showed him this, he said ‘Wow, it’s orange and I can wear this with my skeleton outfit on Halloween’ so he has already took a liking to it! Dobbies Halloween 1 Family Clan Blog

Next up we have the terracotta pumpkin .
It is hollow inside so would be ideal for many different things such as ornament in the garden, giving a fish tank a spooky makeover or even just adding a small candle inside to give it a great flickering spooky look.
On Halloween, I will be placing it on the windowsill for all my trick or treat’ers to see,with a tea light candle lit inside so as the children will see the light flicker through the eyes, nose and creepy mouth would look fangtastic! The pumpkin is a good weight so would also be suitable in any weather in the garden too. Very well made and is brilliant quality for an amazing price of £9.99.

Dobbies Halloween 4 Family Clan BlogThe last thing that we have received is the Witches Broom, the stick is made from a bamboo pole and tree branches all tied securely with ribbon to keep them in place. Dobbies Halloween 5 Family Clan BlogThe whole length of the broom is about a metre and very light weight so great for young children! My little witch has already started using this but decided to sweep the floor for me! But her big brother has now shown her what to do and now I’m really convinced she’s a little witch!
I was very amazed when I found the price of these on the website for an amazing price of just £1.99!
To be honest I thought it would be around £6-£7, especially from a garden centre,  but to see that it on the website for only £1.99, it is an amazing price for a quality made item. Great accessory to have for any child who are dressing as witches and at a very affordable price.

All in all I am very impressed by the Dobbies Halloween items we have received & would recommend them to all.

Mummy H

Dobbies sent us these item for us to review free of charge. Our opinions are in no way swayed by this. All our reviews are our honest thoughts & feelings.

5 Thoughts to “Dobbies Halloween Fun”

  1. Ashleigh Allan

    Love the pumpkin. Always go to dobbies at Christmas but never thought about Halloween

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Love dobbies garden centre always great quality need to visit soon

  3. Martina Evans

    I’m loving the spooky terracotta pumpkin! I also like the witches broom that they sent you. It would be the perfect accessory for a haunted house display or a witches costume!

  4. Gemma Massey

    I love the terrocotta pumpkin great idea to put a tea light in and in the porch so trick or treaters can see x

  5. Maya Russell

    I love the terracotta pumpkin. Looks scary and it’s great value because it can be reused next year.

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