DIY Crystal Card Kit, Card Making Fun

DIY Crystal Card Kit

Crystal art Crystal Card Kit review by Family Clan 7

Crystal Art I have never actually seen, before until a couple of weeks ago when a neighbour nearby said that she enjoys doing them as it relaxes her. So when I saw this Crystal Card Kit, from Craft Buddy, I thought I would give one a go too!

Crystal art Crystal Card Kit review by Family Clan

Inside our pack:-

1 unicorn card,
1 envelope,
Bags of various coloured crystals,
Crystal pick up pen,
Jelly wax,

I love unicorns and so does my daughter Grace so it seemed fitting to receive this design. She is five and said that this looks a bit tricky for her, so could I make it as a gift for her. The DIY Crystal Card Kits are best suited for age 8 and over so making this for her seemed like a great idea.

It is pretty easy what you need to do to create your DIY Crystal Card Kit

Crystal art Crystal Card Kit review by Family Clan

Each of the bags of crystals you receive have a different letter on which corresponds to a the small spaces on the card. You need to use this crystal to place each crystal on for you to create your design. Open the bag and tip into the tray

It seems tricky as they are small, but this is where we have the Crystal pick up pen to help up.

To use this we just need to insert the tip of the pen into the jelly wax, use the pen and tap onto the top of the crystal this holds the crystal into place whilst you position onto the corresponding letter on your card.

The card is protected with a clear sheet, you lift this up or remove as you create then you are able to place you crystals onto the design. The design is sticky, so as you place your crystal down it will stay in position.

May I add they do stay very firmly making sure they don’t come off. They are secured to stay, believe me I accidentally tipped a few crystals on by accident and struggled to get them off, which to be honest is great as I wouldn’t like the beads to fall off the card once on display.

Crystal art Crystal Card Kit review by Family Clan

Following the letters throughout you can see my pattern start to take place, when you have finished one letter, you can go to you next. There is still plenty of beads left over simply tip these into the supplied clear resealable bag. Repeat this process throughout the whole of your pattern.

If you need to take a break just make sure your cover with your clear sheet.

Crystal art Crystal Card Kit review by Family Clan

I absolutely love how this DIY Crystal Card Kit has turned out, Grace’s face lit up when she saw it. She has placed it on her bedside table so when she has her nightlight on she likes to see the shine of the crystals.

Crystal art Crystal Card Kit review by Family Clan

There is only so much a photograph can capture, it is so pretty in person.

These DIY Crystal Card Kits would be perfect if you were wanting to make an extra special Christmas card and at just £3.99 they are a great price to make for that special person. They even do a Christmas range too, the DIY Crystal Card Kit is available from

Crystal art Crystal Card Kit review by Family Clan 7

For more information on Crystal Art, visit

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4 Thoughts to “DIY Crystal Card Kit, Card Making Fun”

  1. ashleigh allan

    these look lovely – I like the Christmas range!

  2. Susan B

    I haven’t seen these before. I used to make my own cards so appreciate the effort that goes into creating something pretty as these.

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    These look beautiful – a new brand for me to discover too – thanks

  4. Samantha O'D

    Looks great, lovely effect, think i would find something like this quite therapeutic

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