Disney Princess Range from Jakks Pacific

Disney Princess Range

Disney is just amazing and draws everyone in with its magic. We took a trip to Disney Land Paris last year, Grace and Jake had the most wonderful time, but one day just wasn’t enough to take it all in, but we did accomplish as much as we could in the one day that we were there and stayed until just before close. I am hoping to book up again for next year for a few days.

Ever since visiting Disney Land, Grace now thinks that she is a Disney Princess, as she got blown a kiss by Cinderella directly. This made her day and now she is adamant that she is Disney Princess Grace! Who’s to complain about that?!

Disney Princess Belles kitchen review by Family Clan

So when we got our hands on two of the the new Disney Princess range by Jakks Pacific, Belle’s Enchanted Kitchen & Sing & Sparkle Ariel, Grace just couldn’t contain her excitement when they came out the box it.

Disney Princess Belles kitchen review by Family Clan

Disney Princess – Belle’s Enchanted Kitchen

Beauty and the Beast is a firm Disney favorite when I was younger and it’s amazing that all these Disney films are still popular and standing the test of time. Creating memories and special times that I can spend with my daughter Grace who is 5. Dare I say it, no doubt that these films will still be popular and a favorite when she has her own children too. It’s a Disney thing, there films are made brilliantly to last generations!

We even love the newer released version of Beauty and the Beast featuring Emma Watson, this film was incredible, of course we are all unsure of when a re-make of a classic has been done. But this remake is brilliant, with the same classic songs with a few new ones that really feel they have been around forever. If you haven’t yet watched it I would highly recommend you to, it’s still got the magic that you always like to see.

Disney Princess Belles kitchen review by Family Clan

The Belles Enchanted Kitchen play set has taken its inspiration from the loveable kitchen staff from the film Beauty and the Beast. The kitchen brings Mrs Potts and Chip to you, giving your children the wonderful opportunity for little chefs and bakers to join them for some sweet fun in the kitchen.

Contents of the box:-
Tabletop Kitchen
Rising Cake
2 Cups
Mrs Potts Tea Pot & Lid

How Belle’s Enchanted Kitchen Works

You place Mrs Potts or cooking pot/bowl on the stove and the stovetop lights up and makes a cooking noise. You can also place your cake in the oven, close the door and the cake will rise right before your eyes, DING! You cake has been baked, yummy!

Graces loves the idea of making her cake in the oven and seeing it rise and waiting for the ‘Ding’ to say its ready, she keeps making me lots of cakes and cup of coffees with this set. It’s a good job these cakes are Slimming World friendly!

Disney Princess Belles kitchen review by Family Clan

The set is brilliant quality and I would recommend it if you are looking for something extra special for a certain Disney Princess of your own. Also available in the range is a Belle doll which could be bought separately, which would be the perfect size to the kitchen so your child could play with both together as if Belle is doing the cooking instead.

Belle’s Enchanted Kitchen is suitable for ages 3 and over SRP £34.99

Disney Princess Belles kitchen review by Family Clan

Disney Princess – Sing & Sparkle Ariel

The amount of endless discussions I’ve had with Grace is crazy about how she wants to be a mermaid. She even blew her birthday cake candles out and said her wish out loud ‘I wish I could have a mermaid tail’. This morning she woke up and jumped into bed with me and said ‘oh mam, I wish I could have a mermaid tail’.

Trying to tell her that she has her mermaid tail blanket she got off Nanna Jane, and she said, ‘yeh, but that’s not real.’ I’ve definitely got a challenge on my plate with this little girl!

She is always taken in by mythological creatures and the magic that surrounds them.

This new Disney Princess Sing & Sparkle Ariel is perfect for Grace, she loves it so much! The doll is a great size to and very well made, her arms are articulated to bring play to life. She also has a tiara she can wear too.

Disney Princess Belles kitchen review by Family Clan

How Disney Princess Sing & Sparkle Ariel Works

Ariel’s glitter tail sparkles and lights up in and out of water, simply rotate her round and watch the glitter, as you make her swim her glitter will move around. Press her seashell necklace and listen to her sing two songs and over 20 phrases.

What’s a Princess without her tiara? Princess Ariel also has her sparkling crown included too, now she is set for an adventure on land and under the sea with your little princess. Grace took Ariel into a bubbly bath and she made the most amazing light show, we turned the lights off to to make it even more extra special!

Disney Princess Belles kitchen review by Family Clan

Ariel Sing and Sparkle is suitable for ages 3 and over SRP £34.99

Grace has really enjoyed playing with these two products. Many of times Ariel has had a cup of special hot chocolate now!

Disney Princess Belles kitchen review by Family Clan

Mummy H & Grace

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4 Thoughts to “Disney Princess Range from Jakks Pacific”

  1. A S,Edinburgh

    These are lovely, I’m sure they’d make a great gift for any little Disney enthusiast.

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Already on the Christmas list – she’s certainly a beauty

  3. Susan B

    Lovely review and pics. Grace’s imagination is such a blessing. Maybe she will become of successful fiction writer.

  4. Shelley Jessup

    Sophie my God-Daughter would love all of these products & I think I might purchase her Belle’s Enchanted Kitchen for Christmas. Thank you for the present idea!

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