Dinosaurs from Shleich this Dinovember

It’s Dinovember – oh I mean November!

Dinosaurs from Shleich this Dinovember

We have teamed up with Schleich to celebrate all things Dino this November – Dinovember!

Dinosaurs have long-fascinated and excited children as young minds imagine their colossal size, mighty roars and formidable power! Schleich figures go hand in hand with imaginative play which is why the Schleich Dinosaurs range is a child’s go to place for recreating pre-historic adventures.

We have been lucky enough to be sent two sets from Schleich to review, the Dino Set with Cave and also box of two Spinosaurus and T-rex, we couldn’t wait to get playing.

Schleich Dino Set with Cave

Dinosaurs from Shleich this Dinovember Review by Family Clan

The carnivorous Herrerasaurus roams hungrily around the dinosaur cave. The Microraptor is easily able to hide from it because it is small. But the Psittacosaurus only has one opportunity to escape: run away. But what’s that? A rockfall threatens to bury the animals. Will the three dinos escape?

Grace was so eager to open this set first, she just loves Schleich and is always playing with her other Schleich playsets. So she was pretty excited to see a new bundle arrive to add to her collection.

Dinosaurs from Shleich this Dinovember Review by Family Clan

This set consists of:-

5 piece rock formation
Skeletal dinosaur head

We followed the very clear instructions to set up the playset.

Dinosaurs from Shleich this Dinovember Review by Family Clan

It really was set up in no time. I was really impressed at the sheer detailing on to the rocky structure, it is just so realistic.

Dinosaurs from Shleich this Dinovember Review by Family Clan

Included within the set is Psittacosaurus.

The Psittacosaurus was a small, lightweight dinosaur that lived over 100 million years ago.

For a dinosaur, it had a rather unusual appearance. Its toothless beak resembled that of a parrot. The carnivore used this beak to crack fruits and seeds. Its tail was equipped with about as many long and thin spines as a porcupine.

We just love the such high detailing and colours on this dinosaur and if you look closely you can see the bumpy texture and other features, so realistic making play come so much more to life!


The Herrerasaurus was one of the first prehistoric saurians to dominate the earth 220 million years ago. It was a dangerous hunter who moved on two legs and had sharp, serrated teeth. Just look at them teeth, eek!

Dinosaurs from Shleich this Dinovember Review by Family Clan

The Herrerasaurus was somewhat small compared with the Giganotosaurus and Spinosaurus, who lived much later on. It was only three to four metres long. In return, its legs were very strong, and it could sprint about as fast as a 100-metre runner.

For a dinosaur, the Herrerasaurus had a rather unusual lower jaw, which it could slide back and forth by means of a flexible joint. This allowed it to better grasp its prey. It was named after the Argentinian goatherd Victorino Herrera, who chanced upon its skeleton in 1959.

Dinosaurs from Shleich this Dinovember Review by Family Clan


The Microraptor weighed at most one kilogram, it is such a beautiful creature and I really love the high quality of this feathered dinosaur.

Dinosaurs from Shleich this Dinovember Review by Family Clan

The fun doesn’t end there, the cave can transform into a catapult too!

Dinosaurs from Shleich this Dinovember Review

RRP £44.99 and available from Smyths

Spinosaurus and T-rex

Dinosaurs from Shleich this Dinovember Review by Family Clan

All Schleich figures are lovingly hand-painted with detailed modelling and allow children to learn as they play. Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex rank among the largest carnivorous dinosaurs in the world. While Spinosaurus was hunting for primeval sawfish, sharks and Pterosaurs, Tyrannosaurus rex was feeding on large dinosaurs like Triceratops.

Dinosaurs from Shleich this Dinovember Review by Family Clan

The dinosaurs in this play set can be played with alongside the rock formation so let your little ones go on a thrilling journey through the age of the dinosaurs with the dinosaur cave!

RRP £13.99 

Our thoughts

I would highly recommend these Dinosaurs for Dinovember, they are such high quality and you really do get what you pay for. We know from our previous reviews that Schleich products are always high quality. They are great trusted brand who take time and love in creating their products. Did you know that all of the Schleich figurines are designed with great attention to detail and painted by hand?

Dinosaurs from Shleich this Dinovember Review by Family Clan

There are hours of play within these Schleich Dinosaur products and additionally so many more dinosaurs are available if you wish to extend this play, they really do specialise in this range and you can be ‘wowed’ too.

You can read here more of our Schliech reviews.

View more of the Dinosaur range on the Schleich Website and are also available from Smyths Website.

Mummy H & Grace

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9 Thoughts to “Dinosaurs from Shleich this Dinovember”

  1. fionajk42

    I love Schleich toys as the models are always very realistic. I’m sure these would be great for any dinosaur fan.

  2. Naila M

    This would make a great gift for any dinosaur loving kid 🙂

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    Cant beat these for great family fun – timeless and virtually indestructible

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Cant beat these for roaresome family fun – virtually indestructible too! Love them

  5. Susan B

    As always with this brand, a robust and well designed toy set. We all love dinosaurs.

  6. Georgina Prince

    oh wow these look cool, my little nephew would love them, he can name so many dinos I’ve never even heard of x

  7. nadiashanahan

    I would love these for my nephew because he is dino mad! But then who doesn’t love dinos!

  8. Alice Colling

    These look fab! My daughter loves dinosaurs as much As I do!

  9. Rachel Craig

    Great range, as many children are interested in dinosaurs. Educational and fun.

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