Dice Academy

Dice Academy

Dice Academy

Get ready to test your knowledge and mental agility with Dice Academy from Blue Orange! Be the first player to match each theme to a word which starts with the letters you’re given! Rolls of the dice will come thick and fast as players’ minds run riot and words fired out!

Contents of the Box

Inside the box we have 10 dice, 2 of each colour.

There are 5 letter dice and 5 themed dice

Instruction booklet

Dice Academy dice


Object of the Game:

Roll the dice, identify the themes and pair them with the letters dice! The first player to reach the number of points chosen at the start of the game wins.

Setting Up Dice Academy

First we removed the dice from the box, as a team you need to decide how many points will be needed to win the game, such as 10,20,30. 10 points will give you a fast game, where as 30 points will make the duration last much longer and be more competitive.

Choose someone to roll first, we decided by using good old fashioned rock, paper, scissors to decide who would begin.

I definitely found it much easier to keep track of scores by writing on paper as we played.

How to Play Dice Academy

The game is played in several successive rounds which all start as follows:

Separate the dice by placing the 5 theme dice to one side and the 5 letter side to the other.

Now firstly we rolled the 5 theme dice, now everyone gets the chance to look at them and clearly identifies each visible theme shown on each dice.


The dices rolled show themes to use as- female first name, song or music, vehicle, land animal and something circular

When all players identify the theme, now the next 5 letter dice can be rolled.


P, F, R, O, V

Example of Dice Academy

So now as quickly as possible, each player will now attempt to pair together as many dice as they can, by taking one ‘letters’ dice of a particular colour and pairing it with a ‘themes’ die of a different colour.

As soon as a player comes up with a word which starts with one of the rolled letters, and that corresponds with one of the rolled themes of a different colour, they must declare it loudly and clearly, taking the two corresponding dice and placing them in front of them.


V & image of car (vehicle)  – Volkswagen

F & image of girl (female first name) – Fiona

What happens if a mistake is made?

If a player makes a mistake when calling a match (with the spelling or if the dice are the same colour), both dice are put back in the centre of the table and that player is now excluded from the game until the next round.

You just need to keep on playing until there are no possible pairs left, or no-one is able to come up with a pair.

For every pair that you find, you can gain 1 point.

Then re start the next round, by rolling the dice again.

Ending the Game

The game ends as soon as a player reaches or exceeds the number of points decided at the start of the game. In the event of a tie, play an extra round between the two players who are currently drawing.

Our Thoughts

Dice Academy was fun for the whole family, it is suited age 8+ but Grace, aged 6 has also enjoyed playing too. Perfect simple game to play to keep the kids and adults involved during these homely times. Available to purchase on the Amazon Website

Mummy H

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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    My next buy – lockdown wont spoil our fun

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    The boys have this – thoroughly recommend to all – great fun

  3. ashleigh allan

    Looks like a fun game – haven’t heard about it before!

  4. fionajk42

    I’d not heard of this game, but shall bear it in mind for when my granddaughter is a little older.

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    Not heard of this one ! Looks fun for the boys

  6. Lyndsey cooksey

    Oooh I like the look of this game! My family would enjoy this as would the elder children in my after school club.

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