Day Out at Whitley Bay

Day Out at Whitley Bay

Jensen and Logan had lots of fun on Monday with his Nanna And Granddad Swallow. The sun was shining so we decided to adventure out to Whitley Bay.
Day Out at Whitley Bay Family Clan
I love this photo of them both having fun together. It’s definitely one I will cherish
We went to the park first of all, Jensen and Logan loved sharing the swing together and also enjoyed playing on the slide and in the sand.

Then we went to the beach. I don’t like sand so there Nanna went down with them and they made this wonderful sand castle with his new sent of sand toys.
Day Out at Whitley Bay
Jensen was more interested in trying to go into the water so we striped his down to his vest and let him adventure off into the small pool of water that was left behind by the sea.
“It was very cold in the water” Logan told me but he had lots of fun. The day was scorching so the both soon dried off.
Was a great fun day out. Luckily we had lots of sun cream with us. Talking of cream when we came off the beach we each had a lovely ice cream to cool us down.
Mummy E, Logan and Jensen

12 Thoughts to “Day Out at Whitley Bay”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    After our covid restrictions are lifted i intend yo make so much more time for places ovr neglected in years

  2. Lyndsey cooksey

    Aww what beautiful photos and memories. I’ve never been to Whitly Bay before, sounds like a wonderful place.

  3. Gel

    i was in the sand with my binoculars looking

  4. Sandy Ralph

    oh this looks lovely, looks like you all had a great time

  5. richardtyler4362

    Never been, would love too

  6. susan smith

    Love Whitely Bay, although havent been there for a few years now, but we spent some great holidays there

  7. Laura Wheatley

    aww looks like a fab day, we have never been there before, our nearest is Scarborough

  8. Margaret Gallagher

    So much fun their smiley faces say it all

  9. Susan B

    Aaaw! The children will have wonderful memories of their very happy day at the beach for years to come.

  10. debbieskerten

    I love days like this – A day of memories to cherish. Wonderful photos too. You can see how happy they both are.

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