Cutie Stix – Continious Cuts, Countless Designs!


Cutie Stix Family Clan Review

Cutie Stix – Continious Cuts, Countless Designs!

Cutie Stix are the perfect way for children to make accessories to wear and share with their friends!
The Cutie Stix Cut & Create station can cut, core and create 24 unique patterned Stix in an assortment of three sizes for endless combinations. With themes including treats, animals and emojis the station includes everything you need to create necklaces, fun figures and nail art!

Cutie Stix Family Clan Review

Contents of the Cutie Stix box:-

  • Teeny Stix x6
  • Cutie Stix x 14
  • Mighty Stix x4
  • Corning Unit
  • Stix Wand
  • threader Unit
  • Storage Station
  • Sheet of 80 Adhesive Dots
  • Cutting Unit
  • Connectors x24
  • Cutting Frames x2
  • Thread Spools x2
  • Coring Containers x2
  • Jewelry Clasps x8

Cutie Stix Fingernail Art

Cutie Stix Family Clan Review

First we made Fingernail Art using the Teeny Stix, I set the cutting unit into the Teeny Stix position, then ICutie Stix Family Clan Review inserted the Teeny Stix cutting frame into the cutting unit then popped in a Teeny Stix, Grace selected the butterfly and owl pattern to use. You use the Stix Wand to push the floral Teeny Stix into the cutting unit as far as it will go until it stops by itself then you are ready. Push the plunger down on the top, this then cuts the Teeny Stix with the blade inside.

Your Teeny Stix then drops down the cutting chute and is ready to use, you can repeat this process to create as many as you would like for your nails or simply remove the cutting frame and repeat the same process with different patterned Teeny Stix.

When you have finished the cutting you can then apply them to your nails. Get a strip of the adhesive dots, remove the protective cover from the dot, flip the adhesive strip over and press the adhesive dot on to your fingernail. Then you select your Teeny Stix and press onto the adhesive dot on your nail firmly and repeat process for each fingernail.

Grace really loved these, but sadly, they didnt stay attached for very long!

Cutie Stix Family Clan Review

Cutie Stix Bracelet and Necklace Making

To make bracelets and necklaces I set the cutting unit to cut Cutie/Mighty Stix position. I then inserted the Cutie Stix cutting frame into the cutting unit, Grace then chose which design she would like to choose next so she chose an emoji face, slotted it inside the cutting frame and used the Stix Wand to push the Cutie Stix into the cutting unit until it stopped. She then pressed the cutting plunger down to cut the Cutie Stix. We cut 2 of each design that she chose to fit onto her necklace.
When we used the Mighty Stix which are the biggest of all we didn’t need to use a cutting frame, we just inserted the Mighty Stix into the cutting unit and used the Stix Wand to push it up into position. I pushed down on the plunger twice, then released. Out popped our cat shaped Mighty Stix!

Coring the Mightie & Cutie Stix

Cutie Stix Family Clan ReviewBefore we make our customized jewellery we need to core the Cutie & Mighty Stix. Insert your Cutie Stix into the Cutie coring container and Cutie Stix Family Clan Reviewdepending which position you would like your hole you can insert it into the coring unit vertically or horizontally. After selecting which position you need, you close the container and insert into the coring unit and close the door.

Push down on the plunger once, this will then make a hole into the Cutie Stix for you to make your jewellery. Repeat the process over and over to create many more Cutie Stix.
You repeat a very similar process for the Mighty Stix, putting it in the Mighty Stix coring container and inserting back inside the coring unit at the position you need. With the Mighty Stix being thicker you need to plunge down twice to make sure that is has been cored all the way through.

How to make your Cutie Stix bracelets & necklaces

After coring the Cutie & Mighty Stix we are now ready to make our bracelet & necklaces with them!
Select the color of the thread you would like to choose, Grace chose pink seems it is her favorite color. Approximately cut the thread 7″ for bracelet and 16″ for necklace, I cut this to the right size for Grace to make her first necklace and replaced the thread we did not use back onto the spool slot to use another time. Grace arranged her Cuties & Mighties onto the threader tube in her own design she liked.

Cutie Stix Family Clan ReviewCutie Stix Family Clan Review








In the middle of the threader tube there is a small hole which I inserted the thread through and added a jewellery clasp on the
end and knotted. Push all the Cuties & Mighties off the tube and onto the pink thread and repeat the process on the other side of the thread by adding the jewellery clasp and knotting.
Graces necklace was then complete and she was really chuffed with the result as you can see!

Our Thoughts

Cutie Stix Family Clan ReviewGrace really loved making this beautiful customised jewellery and has already told me her next designs are going to be for her best friend and big sister. There is such a versatility of what can be created using many of the different patterns on each of the Stix.

If you feeling up to it you can even create your very own dog Cutie Stix I push the holes into him and then use the clear connectors to hold him together.

Here is a short video of Grace and I using the cutting unit for you to see how it works!

Grace and Jake loved to get stuck into playing with the Cutie Stix and they both decided to make me a bracelet. Herr is a picture of Grace holding them both, she got a big shy for this picture but I say it just adds to the cuteness!

Suitable for ages 6+ and available from Character Online 

Look for more STIX designs that are sold separately! Cutie Stix available for refill are Treats, Animals and Emojis

Mummy H and Grace

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We was sent this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Jeanette Leighton

    My daughter Sheriah 5 would love this looks like great fun for little ones

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    My neice has this – she loves it -im quite partial to it also!

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    Looks great fun. Another one my daughter would love

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    Looks like a fun hour for little girls!

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    I haven’t seen this before but it looks fantastic, and definitely something my daughter Megan would really enjoy making xxx

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