Cutetitos Fruititos – Who Will You Unroll

Cutetitos Fruititos

Cutetitos has got to be one of the most asked for things Grace has requested ever since we last reviewed them two years ago. She has always asked if there was more coming. So finally, when we were asked to review series four of the Cutetitos, she honestly was so excited and asked every single day if her special delivery was here yet!

She looked more excited than Christmas morning!

Cutetitos Fruititos Review by Family Clan

So to receive three new Cutetitos Fruititos that were all for her, was such a thrill.

New Cutetitos Fruititos

Cutetitos Fruititos Review

Discover the new range of Cutetitos for Series 4 – Fruititos!

With 12 different animalitos to collect. All featuring adorable prints and new fruit wraps there’s plenty of fun to be had and SURPRISE – each cute toy comes in one of four delicious scents and are super-soft and huggable.

There are four unique fruit wraps – watermelon, kiwi, orange or dragonfruit and each cutetito comes wrapped in a large mystery bag, waiting to be discovered!

Cutetitos Fruititos Review by Family Clan

To find out if your Cutetito’s personality is fruity, berry fruity extra fruity or super fruity just check out it’s ‘fruit spot’. From a Beeito to a Lemurito and even a Crabito there are 12 brand new Cutetitos characters to collect in fun new patterns.

Some are SUPER RARE – can you find them? A pet collector card is included with additional information about your new pet including its species name and birthday.

Cutetitos Fruititos Review by Family Clan

Collect all of these cute teddies for girls and boys for yummy fruity fun. Cutetitos Fruititos are so well made and also come hidden in a fruit blanket ready to be unrolled and taken on new and exciting adventures!

Grace really couldn’t wait to open. You can also get a sneak peek of your Cutetito Fruitito by peeping through the packaging.

Cutetitos Fruititos Review by Family Clan

The scent is instantly revealed when opened giving us more of a clue of which character we will reveal.

Cutetitos Fruititos review by Family Clan

Inside we now meet out new friend, wrapped up lovingly ready to meet you!

Cutetitos Fruititos Review by Family Clan

Meet our New Cutetito Fruititos Friends.

Crabito, Lemurito and Owlito

Cutetitos Fruititos Review by Family Clan

Crabito is bundled within a kiwi wrap, Lemurito within dragon fruit and Owlito within a juicy orange wrap.

The smells are so fruity and fresh, Grace says she loves the scent of the pink Lemurito as he is very berry-licious!

More About Cutetitos Friutitoes

The size is the same as a standard food wrap too, Grace really loves these Cutetitos Fruititos.

Cutetitos Fruititos Review by Family Clan

This is the face of a very excited little girl, who is thrilled to bits with her new Cutetitos!

Each Cutetitos is loveable, high quality 7.5 inches with a surprise soft toy animal wrapped in the super soft burrito blanket. The blanket has two bits of velcro on so once wrapped back up, it will stay wrapped.

The rarer the Cutetito Fruitito the super fruitier the smell. Grace revealed the Ultra Rare Owlito who is the strongest smell of all being extra orangey.

Cutetitos Fruititos Review by Family Clan

Each comes with a collectors card which tells you everything you need to know about you new pet Cutetito Fruitito.

Our Thoughts

Cutetito Fruitito’s are such a perfect back to school treat at such an affordable price available on the Smyths Toys Website RRP £7.99

Why not read our previous review of Cutetitos.

Mummy H & Grace

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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    These are adorable – will make perfect gifts – great review

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