Crocheting for a New Grand Daughter

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Mummy C and Daddy G are due to have a new baby daughter in March. Arron is going to be a big brother.  I’ve been busy crocheting and knitting for her arrival.  I’ve already taken over to the Isle of Man blankets, cardigans, bonnets etc what I’ve made, but I forgot to take a photograph of them before going, they where mainly pink and white with a bit of lemon thrown in for good measure.

You can see one of the blankets I made in this post.

Whilst I’ve been poorly since Christmas I used some of the time, when I wasn’t sleeping or hiding with a migraine, to make some more for her. I’ve managed to remember to take some photo’s of some of them, before sending them on.

This one I made in a multi-coloured wool for the main section then a blue border with pink edging.  I like the look of this one. I made it to fit her when she’s about 3-6 months old.

Crochet Wool Cardigans Pattern Family Clan

This one I made in cream body, with a lilac border and mint green edging and bow for tying.  I like the way these colours work together. This one was made in a 0-3 months size so will fit her when she’s all brand new.

Wool Crochet Cardigans Pattern Family Clan

This I made in the same cream, lilac and mint – what you can see of the lilac and mint balls is what is left from using the one ball in both projects. Used less than one and a half balls of the cream for both, I’m making a little hat out of what is left to match these two cardigans.

This is made from a different pattern. Essentially it is two six sided granny squares folded and joined together along one side that makes the back of the little cardigan or jacket. If you look closely around the armpit of the right side of the cardigan you can make out the granny square.

Crochet Cardigans Pattern Wool Family Clan

Again I made this in a 0-3 months size. Daddy G was born in March – infact he is 30 this year- and he was born in a snow storm, so it can still be quite cold and we don’t want the little Princess getting cold when she’s just born.

I’m trying to scale this pattern up to make Arron a sweater, but worried the sleeves will be too big, so might have to do some jiggery pokery (isn’t that a great terminology) on the pattern to make it fit.  I’ll let you know how I go on.

The wool I’ve used in the last two projects is just from PoundWorld, but if you give it a good hand wash and soak in wool soak or even cheap shampoo and conditioner it comes out lovely and soft perfect for our new arrival.

Have you been crafting lately? Do let me know what you’ve been making.

Nanna Jane

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6 Thoughts to “Crocheting for a New Grand Daughter”

  1. ashleigh allan

    Aw that’s lovely! I love hand knitted/crocheted things for babies!

  2. michu

    Looks fantastic, good idea.

  3. Emma Walton

    I think it’s great to receive something hand made for your new baby 🙂

  4. kefkat

    So pretty- all grandsons at the moment. Hoping the next will be a Granddaughter

  5. Samantha O'D

    Lovely. My mum made crochet blankets for my daughters

  6. Margaret

    They are beautiful
    We are still practicing our crochet -will be a while before we get to this standard

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