Crochet Tutorial: A Crown Fit for a Prince

Crocheting a Crown

Jake loves the colour orange, I had some wool left over from a project, so I thought I might make him a crown.

Crochet Crown Family Clan Blog (2)

I didn’t have his head size,(Mummy M was out shopping & Jake was at school) so instead of making it in the round I made it straight with press studs at intervals for him to get the right size.

Crochet Crown Family Clan Blog

What You Will Need

I used a 5.0mm hook (use the hook suited to your yarn/wool)

Yarn/Wool – I used two strands of an acrylic DK yarn to give it a sturdier finish.  If you’ve got thicker yarn you should be OK with using just one strand.


Darning Needle


Press studs if you are making a straight crown

Thread/ sewing needle to attach the press studs

How To Make It

1st row: Crochet a chain long enough to go around your childs head.  I guessed at mine as my tape measure had gone walk about, but it measured 22 inches when I found it (I’m sure it wasn’t in my craft box when I looked!!)

If you want to make it in the round you can do just make sure your chain isn’t twisted & join with a slip stitch.

2nd row: Chain two more stitches & do a double crochet (UK) (or half double crochet (US)) in the third stitch from the hook & in every stitch around.  Again if you are making your crown in the round slip stitch to join.  If you are doing it straight like mine then cut of your yarn & return to the first stitch.

3rd row: Chain 3 & do a treble crochet (UK) (or a double crochet (US)) in every stitch across.  Again if you are making your crown in the round slip stitch to join.  Anyone making a straight crown can turn back along the row.

Crochet Crown Family Clan Blog

4th row: **Chain 3, miss 2 stitches &  do a double crochet (UK) (or single crochet (US)) stitch in third stitch. Chain 3 & double crochet (UK) single crochet (US) in the next stitch.** Repeat from ** to ** to the end. (If you find your stitches don’t match, try doing missing more or less stitches in the last couple of chains, improvise a bit.

Crochet Crown Family Clan Blog (4)

5th row: Slip stitch across until you are in the second chain 3 space ( the one that was into the next stitch along, not the miss 2 stitches space)  Chain 3, do 3 more treble stitches (UK) (or 3 double crochet stitches (US)) then chain 5 & slip stitch into first chain to make a picot stitch, then do 4 more treble stitches (UK) (or 4 double crochet stitches (US)) in the chain three loop.

Chain 1

This pattern does not use the 3 chain, miss 2 stitches spaces on this row. Only the chain 3 loops that are in bold in the pattern are utilised.

Double crochet (UK) (or single crochet (US) into the next chain 3 loop.

Chain 1.

In next loop do 3 treble stitches (UK) (or 3 double crochet stitches (US)), do 1 double treble stitch (UK)  (or treble stitch (US)) then do 3 more treble stitches (UK) (or 3 double crochet stitches (US)).

Chain 1

Double crochet (UK) (or single crochet (US) into the next chain 3 loop.

Repeat this pattern all the way around.

You can of course do alternate ones like I did or make them all with a picot or not.

Slip stitch to join at the end if you have made your crown in the round.

This looks harder than it is, I’m just rubbish at writing patterns out.

You could add beads, sequins or gems to jazz your crown up, you could even add roses if you made them small, I have a easy pattern for them here. But I wouldn’t recommend this for a young child, we don’t want them chocking on anything.   When adding your press studs, make sure you do them the right way, because it’s hard to cut them off again, yes I did one the wrong way!!

If you make a crown for your little one do share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or even send us a photo in an email to  We’d love to see it.

Just a note, if my stitches look like they are slanted differently from your I am a left handed crocheter, so that might explain it.

Nanna Jane

11 Thoughts to “Crochet Tutorial: A Crown Fit for a Prince”

  1. kate andrews

    very cute

  2. Tammy Artherton

    what a cute idea love it

  3. A.E. ADKINS

    Love this idea, great for themed parties/activity days, just need to learn to crochet now!

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    My neice and myself had a go at this -not too bad for a first attempt -we’ll get better with practice

  5. Jayne Townson

    That looks amazing, lucky Jake, I bet he had loads of fun with it.

  6. Michelle Sykes

    I will have to get my daughter to do this she is wanting to learn to crochet

  7. Tracey Anderson

    How gorgeous this is thank you for sharing 🙂

  8. simone1111

    just love this crown wish i could crochet

  9. Samantha O'D

    cute, need to improve my crochet skills, i have only mastered the granny blankets

  10. Margaret Gallagher

    This looks delightful
    Looking for something easy to teach my neices and this is perfect

    1. Nanna-Jane

      It really is easy I’m just useless at writing patterns. I wrote both UK & US stitches as I use both depending on the pattern. I’m making a little cardigan for my 5 month old grandson, if it works out ok (I’m inventing a pattern) I will post that too. Let me know if you make the crown.

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