Crochet Baby Sweater with Unique Stitch Edging

Crocheting Again

After over 25 years I have finally taken up crochet again!.  What with having babies, then raising the children & being a cook, washer woman, taxi driver & all those other millions of jobs that parents get to do when their children are growing, crochet got lost, mainly due to the lack of time.

My late Mother in Law Ann taught me how to crochet, how she persevered to teach a left hander, that is as clumsy & useless as me, still amazes me, but I’m ever so grateful that she did.

I’ve only ever  crocheted blankets, before never trusting myself or believing I could make a garment successfully, recently I’ve been a bit housebound due to damaging my knee cap & whilst trawling YouTube I came across this wonderful lady who goes through every stitch like Ann, her name is Yolanda Soto Lopez, she has got lots of different pattern & items on the YouTube channel, so I’m sure I will be making more!

I chose this little cardigan, as we would call it, as I thought it looked really cute & after watching her videos a few times I decided to give it a go.

Here the first of her video’s for this pattern , like I said she is really good at explaining all the stitches & how to execute them.

What do you think?  I’m inordinately proud of myself for completing this project.

Family Clan Blog Crochet Baby Sweater Cardigan

Here’s what I used & did

I only have one crochet hook in my collection so I used a size 5.00 mm, which I think is a size H, here’s how it turned out.  I used white baby wool for the main part of the jacket & some odd ball of mint green for the edging & highlights.  Yolanda’s pattern had a different way of tying than mine I remember from when mine was little how I hated those that had a tie joining both sides so I chained both of the balls of wool together then with the last of the white I made to small butterflies from this pattern posted again on YouTube by Tina who goes by the name of DreamBigLover.

I just then ties the chains into the centre of the butterfly wrapping the mint yarn around the middle of the butterfly for a contrast & to tie them into the jacket. then just adding a couple of stitches at the edge of the wings in white embroidery thread.  I haven’t added any antennas as I was worried about little fingers pulling them out.

Family Clan Blog Crochet Butterfly Butterflies

To finish I then just sorting out all the loose ends of yarn it was finished, I wished I had took some photographs during the making of it, but I honestly never thought it would look so nice, OK it might not be professional standard but I’m very proud of it, so thank you Yolanda, Tina & of course dearest Ann.

Have you made anything you are very proud of, please let me know, this one will be put toward our next grand child due in October.

Nanna Jane

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8 Thoughts to “Crochet Baby Sweater with Unique Stitch Edging”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Adorable – need to motivate myself yo do more too

  2. Martina Evans

    Oh how adorable – I love it! Well done 🙂

  3. Rosie

    this came out so nice. I have found crocheting to be easier than knitting, but haven’t been doing either for a while.

  4. Jane Barrett

    Very sweet. I wish I had the patience

  5. Tracy Nixon

    How lovely! Well done!

  6. clare davies

    oh wow these are so cute! ive always wanted to learn how to sew!! x

    1. admin

      Thanks Clare I’m so proud of it, doing one in a larger size now for the Grand daughter. If you follow the Yolanda’s video’s on YouTube she make crocheting really easy. I’m left handed & could follow her. If you give it a go do let me know how you go on.

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