Critically Endangered Socks

Critically Endangered Socks

Critically Endangered Socks

Critically Endangered Socks are a sock company founded by Dom Desmond. His company helps protect some of the world’s most critically endangered animals (and critically endangered animal mums).

For every pair of socks sold, they give 20% of the total sale price to charity. By choosing which sock you buy, you’re also choosing which charity we help.

The five charities that are supported by Critically Endangered Socks.

Critically Endangered Socks

Dom’s Story

His story begins in Borneo, home to the world’s oldest rainforest and a plethora of critically endangered species. A decade ago, founder Dom Desmond visited the island’s northern jungles and spotted the critically endangered Borneo orangutans in the wild for the first time.

Fast-forward ten years and the once lush rainforests have fallen victim to palm oil plantations and illegal logging.

Critically Endangered Socks

In 2017, Dom returned to Borneo. On witnessing the sites of destruction that the rainforests had become, he met with an NGO called Friends of the National Parks Foundation, who work to protect and restore large areas of primary rainforest simply by purchasing it.

Critically Endangered Socks

And so Critically Endangered Socks was born

So Dom thought up a company that would go where no company had gone before – using funds from sock sales to help this NGO protect the Borneo rainforest.

The idea quickly grew into a company that would support five of the world’s most endangered species. And that’s how Critically Endangered Socks was born.

Critically Endangered Socks’ mission is to eventually help every critically endangered animal on the brink of survival by selling the most beautifully crafted, ethical products they can create.

So, as the slogan states, their socks save species.

We must act now if we want to rescue some of the earth’s most beautiful creatures from the brink of extinction.

The simplest way to do that? By wearing your heart on your feet, literally! Just check out the range of socks that Critically Endangered Socks have.

The range

Critically Endangered Socks

The socks themselves are made from a beautifully soft and sustainable blend of bamboo and cotton. They come in five designs and two sizes.

Arriving perfectly in the post to fit through your letter box, you could get these delivered as a treat without the worry of missing a parcel.

Critically Endangered Socks Family Clan

This particular pair of socks are a limited edition Borneo orangutan sock, only 1,000 have been made for the partnership between Critically Endangered Socks & Friends of the National Parks Foundation.

The socks are made from a soft and sustainable blend of cotton and bamboo and inside your package also comes with an endangered animal fact card in a bespoke recyclable box.

Critically Endangered Socks Family Clan

Friends of the National Parks Foundation: “We’re helping this NGO safeguard rainforest in Borneo. Protecting the critically endangered Borneo Orangutan’s habitat from illegal logging and palm oil plantations. For every Borneo Orangutan pair that’s bought, we work with the NGO to protect 80 square metres of Borneo rainforest habitat”

Each pair of socks retail at £12 a pair and are certainly a special purchase, perhaps they would be a perfect gift for Mum this Mother’s Day?

They are such good quality socks and you can tell these will last a long time!

Psst… we have heard that they are also launching baby socks with the aim to protect some of the world’s most critically endangered baby animals.

You can view more on the Critically Endangered Socks website.

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  1. George Worboys Wright

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    Orangutans are my favourite x

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    Elephants are so beautiful and family orientated ???

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