GIVEAWAY: Crafty Christmas with Gel-a-Peel 2-Tone kit

Gel-a-Peel 2-Tone Kit

Gel-a-Peel has always been a big hit in our household, so when we were asked to join in with Gel-a-Peels Crafty Christmas of corse we said yes!

This set includes:-

16 Design Templates

3 Gel Tubes

5 designer Tip

1 Gel Tray & Accessory hardware

We were also sent a variety of Crafty Christmas decorations to decorate with our 2-Tone Kit.

gel-a-peel 2-tone kit review by Family Clan


We love Gel-a-Peel and it is a great craft activity that your children can do this Christmas, they are great to do together, it I think it is fantastic that they can create their own jewellery to wear.

How to Use Gel-a-Peel?

First we had a choice of what we would like to make. We looked at the templates and Grace chose a bracelet to make for her brother, Jake. We got the template and clear drawing sheet and stuck both to the table using masking tape, to prevent any movement whilst Grace’s designs was being made. Next we had a choice of three Gel-a-Peel coloured tubes to choose from, Grace chose her favorite colour pink!

There are different tips to choose which simply screw on to you Gel-a-Peel tube to give you different effects on your designs on your template you chose. The template will suggest which pen for you to use by displaying a number next to each section. If you refer back to the instructions sheet you will see you will have a choice of Round Tip, Star Tip, Rake Tip, Spike Effect and Rainbow Effect styles.

gel-a-peel 2-tone Christmas kit review by Family Clan

Press the tube tip against the clear drawing sheet and squeeze as you slowly follow the pattern, Grace loved doing this to create her necklace. When you have finished using your colour, remove the tip. Make sure you replace the protective plug back on, this prevents your Gel-a-Peel drying out! For your Gel-a-Peel design to work you must make sure all the gel lines, spikes, different colors and other designs are touching.

A great effect to Gel-a-Peel 2-Tone kit is that the tubes have two colours within!

What Can I Make?

gel-a-peel 2-tone Christmas kit review by Family ClanThere are many different designs you can choose from using the templates, such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces or create something without a template and design yourself.

You can use the gel tray supplied to create your charms for your necklaces or bracelet designs or you can use the tray moulds to also create your own earrings.

If you are wanting to add more than one colour in your gel tray – wait 5-10 minutes before adding the additional colours to your design to allow the first colour to dry slightly. There are so many choices, you will have hours of fun making different types of jewellery.

On your template it will tell you on each sheet how long your design will take to dry. After waiting the time stated, use the included cleaning tool to peel it from the clear drawing sheet and you have your stunning jewellery ready to wear.

If you happen to break a piece you have made, to repair it all you need to do is reapply gel over the broken section and wait for it to dry.

After Grace designed her bracelet we then started decorating the decorations we were sent to celebrate Gel-a-Peels Crafty Christmas and oh, what fun we had!

gel-a-peel 2-tone Christmas kit review by Family Clan

We had foam Christmas shapes to decorate, gingerbread man, snowman and reindeer. Each one was already slightly glittered, and then I let Jake and Grace decorate them as they pleased with their Gel-a-Peel pens!

Our Thoughts

There is nothing more Christmassy than hand decorated decorations from your children!

gel-a-peel 2-tone Christmas kit review by Family Clan

Grace always enjoys eating gingerbread men, so it was no surprise to me that she chose to decorate a gingerbread man first! She did a great job at decorating!

gel-a-peel 2-tone Christmas kit review by Family Clan

Jake chose to decorate his star bauble with using the Gel-a-Peel tubes to make a smiley face, then once the gel had dried within the gel tray he removed them from the tray and added the shapes onto his star to create a face and then place it onto our Christmas tree!

gel-a-peel 2-tone Christmas kit review by Family Clan

Gel-a-Peel would also make an excellent Christmas gift or would also make great Christmas Eve activities so would also be ideal to place within a Christmas eve box. Gel-a-Peel is aimed at age 7+ but they would also be great for younger children with parental help as Grace is 4 and she loves these kits, and what girl doesn’t like wearing jewellery that they can create!

Gel-a-Peel can be used to decorate pretty much anything such as ­bags & accessories, great for children to create and make with so much left in the tube after finishing.

We have had great fun making these for Crafty Christmas as you can see, with our new Christmas window decorations we now have!

gel-a-peel 2-tone Christmas kit review by Family Clan

We have previously reviewed other sets of Gel-a-Peel,  Fashion Station, Glow in the Dark kit, Pearly Pastel kit, & Colour Change Kit take a look! You can purchase from Amazon.

Mummy H, Jake & Grace


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123 Thoughts to “GIVEAWAY: Crafty Christmas with Gel-a-Peel 2-Tone kit”

  1. Marie Rule

    I have made artificial flowers for a family celebration.

  2. Helen Thurston

    We have all sorts of home crafted items made by myself, my sister, and my daughters. One of my favourites is the decorative paper fish my youngest daughter made in Reception class…….she’s now in sixth form!

  3. kim d

    We had a set from the early learning centre years ago. We decorated the stars, bells, gingerbread men etc with different coloured glitter and stickers and in the centre took a polaroid photograph of each member of the family so we all have our own faces on the Xmas tree every year. We are all now about 15 years older!

  4. Sally Johnson

    I have a wooden box my son made me in woodwork at school 13 years ago

  5. Laura Lee

    My 3 boys love to do art and craft they make so much stuff that we try and rotate it and then it finds its way into the magic recycling bin, however I have got all their cards and gifts they have ever made me though, those things I will keep forever 🙂

  6. champaklal lad

    nothing that I can think of for now, great prize

  7. Stef

    I have a decorated box my son made at school that I use to keep my jewellery in

  8. Kevin Cannon

    My Mum still has a coffee table that I made at school when I was 14, unlike most items made by kids this one still takes pride of place in her living room and isn’t ‘stored’ in the attic. It is now over 35 years old. Ironicly I failed my woodwork exam

  9. Tracy Hanson

    I have two (and they are still with me). Rags is a small brown dog with a red collar which was made by my Grandma (who has sadly passed away) when she worked in a material factory and she was allowed to take the scraps of material home which weren’t any use. He was made for me when I was born so is over 40 years old now. The only sign of age, is that his red collar is slightly faded but the rest of him is still perfect. I also have a stuffed horse which my school-friend made for me when I had an operation and went back to school after the holidays still limping, he’s over 30 years old now. Sadly lost her to cancer about 3 years ago so that horse means I remember her for the lovely person she was.

  10. janine atkin

    we have a ninja fairy that my son made at school and it goes on top of the christmas tree every year

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