Count & Crawl Kitty by LeapFrog

Count & Crawl Kitty Leap Frog Family Clan

Count & Crawl Kitty by LeapFrog

We have received a Count & Crawl Kitty by LeapFrog to review. Suitable from age 9 months+ recommended up to the age of 3. The toy is a good sized for little hands and very simple to use. You can set the toy to number/music setting and there is also a volume setting high/low/off.
Count & Crawl Kitty Leap Frog Family Clan
The Count & Crawl Kitty is really good quality and built well. I believe that this will last many years it is very sturdy built and no flimsy bits so this will be passed through the family.

The kitten can roll on the floor by the wheels on its back feet and the ball of yarn between its front paws. You can also stand the kitten on its back wheels making it look like it purring up to you and spin the yarn and it will interact with you.
This toy will help teach your child numbers 1-20. There are 20 colored keys on the kittens back you can press each of the numbers and it will say which number it is, they are 1-10 on one side and 11-20 on the other side.
If you press the number 1 key once it will say ‘1’ but if you were to press it again it will say ‘I have 1 nose’ and so on all the way through to number 20 which is a purr-fect way to explore numbers 1-20!
The kitty sings as you play/roll it singing ‘head, shoulder, knees and toes song’ but to the words ‘tummy, whiskers, tongue and paws’.
You can also change it to the music option, you press the keys and they all make different noises like using a piano so Grace is able to make her own ‘mew-sical’ tune
Grace has just turned 3 and absolutely adores this kitty, she is learning her numbers, but keeps saying them in the wrong order and this toy has really helped her along by pressing them and the kitten repeating the numbers in the order she presses.

She loves rolling the kitten backwards and forward making it roll all over the room and has become to love this like a little pet.
Count & Crawl Kitty Leap Frog Family Clan
The kitty speaks in a British voice which I think is an excellent addition as alot of the interactive toys, we have purchased in the past always seem to be “Americanized”.

The Count & Crawl Kitty is available to buy here from Amazon for £10.90. An excellent accompaniment would be LeapFrog’s Alpha Pup. Where instead of numbers children can learn their letters. It’s available on Amazon for £12.35.

Leap Frog AlphaPup

These would make an excellent present for a Birthday or Christmas present. I think it is an excellent price for the quality and the amount of play time that you receive.

LeapFrog’s product portfolio focuses on three main families of products: reading solutions, educational gaming and grade school products and learning toys. We must have bought quite a few from their range over the years and trust the quality of both the build and the fun from LeapFrog.

Mummy H

5 Thoughts to “Count & Crawl Kitty by LeapFrog”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Picked one of these beauts up at a toy sale on sunday – its great fun

  2. Kayleigh Watkins

    This looks like a great toy, I was looking at it on amazon yesterday, it would be perfect for my Mollie who will be 9 months at Christmas, I ordered her the crawling tiddly tubby yesterday which I think she will love xxx

  3. Ashleigh Allan

    This looks a great toy. My kids had something similar

  4. Samantha O'D

    Very cute, love the alpha pup

  5. Jo Hutchinson

    These look so cute and colourful.

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