Coronavirus Lockdown Crafting -Crochet

Coronavirus Lockdown Crafting – Crochet

with FREE Pattern

You may have read in my earlier post about all the knitting that I have been doing since I have to shield due to the coronavirus lockdown. Well I also did a bit of crochet too.

I made a lot of the Hero Bears, with masks and stethoscopes. I made them for the grand children to use for the Clap for Carers on Thursday evenings. They could hold their bears whilst clapping,

I used a free pattern form the Yarn It, Darn It website called the Frontline Hero Teddy Bears, It is a downloadable pattern. She has lots of other patterns too.

Crochet Front Line Hero Teddy Bear with Mask and Stethescoope Family Clan

I’ve made some in the pinks scrubs like above and some other with red scrubs like below.

Crochet Front Line Hero Teddy Bear with Mask and Stethescoope Family Clan

The Pattern

The pattern is really easy to use and follow with all the parts clearly marked. My main advice would be take your time when you are fixing on the ears, they are the trickiest thing to do. Easy to make but you have to get them situated right for the slits in the scrub cap for them to come through.. Don’t cut off the access yarn until you are happy.

The main part of the hero bear is made all in one starting from the lags up to the tip of the head – well you make one leg then another and join them together to continue up the body.

Crochet Front Line Hero Teddy Bear with Mask and Stethescoope Family Clan

The masks are super easy to make, but again measure your chain over the hero bears ears before you commit. I found I had to add one extra chain stitch more than the pattern given.

Crochet Front Line Hero Teddy Bear with Mask and Stethescoope Family Clan



I improvised the stethoscope making here is the pattern. It is in US terminology.

For the bigger circle

In grey make a magic ring of eight sc (single crochet)

Round 2:  Put two DC in each stitch. Bind off.


Smaller circle.

make a magic ring and put 8 HDC (half double crochet) then bind off.


Chain 40 + 1 stitches

Single crochet back down the length.

Slip stitch back down six stitches and the chain six.

SC back down these stitches and bind off.

Sew the disc and pipe together from the middle only with the Y shaped pieces at the top. You could add a small bit of grey at the end of the ear pieces but I didn’t get chance to do this – well they where all ready in the post when I thought about it!

Round Up

This wasn’t really for use with the teddy bears but just for show really. Although Olivia told me it is perfect for Barbie dolls apparently.

I’ve made a total of ten of the Hero Teddy Bears in total along with the masks. Like the baby cardigans and hats they really didn’t take much yarn and you can of course make the scrubs in any colour you want. These are the colours I was asked for.

I used safety eyes that I purchased from Amazon in all but one of my bears. I really didn’t want to put them in 18 month old Chloey’s bears as I would hate anything to come loose, so I just used black wool like the nose and the mouth. Although I have to say nothing ever has from all the creations or toys, amigurumi that I have made but you can never be 100% sure.

Have you made any of these hero bears or other items during lock down?

Nanna Jane

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3 Thoughts to “Coronavirus Lockdown Crafting -Crochet”

  1. Peter Ogg

    Clever idea to get your kids to wear a mask

  2. Lyndsey cooksey

    Aww this is so cute! Perfect way to finish 2020 at Christmas!

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    Wow what a fabulous job youve done – really really cute

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