Coral Island Haul

Blackpool’s Coral Island

When I came over to visit Nanna Jane & Granddad Al, with Jake & Grace, a couple of weeks ago we decided to have a trip to Coral Island in Blackpool.

We love going on the 2p waterfall machines. You know the ones, where you put a two pence coin in & it drops down on to one level & hopefully knocks the front ones off on to the bottom level to move them forward.

We decided to go into Coral Island near to the tower & the shopping centre. We got five pounds worth of 2p’s & spent almost two hours playing the machines. Have to say Granddad Al had a wander round after a while, as it’s not his favourite past time but he knows we love them!

We did really well & got Jake a great haul of over 20 items.  He loved collecting the money from the bottom & refilling our tubs up. He got really excited when a toy fell down the shoot.

Family Clan Blog Blackpool haul.1


He wanted one of the shiny motorbikes you can see at the bottom of the photo, so Grand dad Al came to the rescue with one!  The white Mini I black cab key rings you can see are really good quality they are from London 2012 Olympics, I’m presuming they must be left over stock & have been sold off cheap as they are a much higher quality than the other items.  The Mini’s are made by Corgi.

We love the other elastic thread key rings, Jake kindly gave me one with the two beads underneath that you can see. I’ve attached it to my mobile phone cover as it matches the cerise in it. Ever time I look at it I smile remembering the day.

Coral Island 2p Machine


We celebrating the day by going in to the cafe that’s adjoining the amusement centre & had a lovely meal. They did a special offer of two adult meals & two children meals for £8.90 so with one extra adult meal & some cups of tea we was set & Jake had a great time running his bikes, cars & planes on the table whilst we waited for the food.

After a walk around & an ice cream we came home happy, contented & pleased with our haul.

Mummy H

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2 Thoughts to “Coral Island Haul”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Haven’t been to coral island for about a year now
    Definately on the agenda for summer fun

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Jake is already counting the days until they come over to us for a visit & he can go & play on the machines & go in the sea. I’m just counting down until I see them & have lots of lovely Nanna cuddles. Jane x

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