Comotomo Baby Bottle & Teether Review

I have been sent two products from Comotomo to review. The Comotomo Baby bottle silicone teether.

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Comotomo Teether

The first product is a teether toy. My daughter is 3 months old and is really suffering with teething but Comotomo Review 5 Family Clan Blogmost things we have tried to ease the pain either, don’t work or she isn’t interested in. This toy is fantastic! It is the only Comotomo Review 3 Family Clan Blogteether toy that is actually thin enough that she can grip it with her tiny hands and light enough that she can move it about and get it to her mouth easily. It also clips nicely on the links we have so she can have it when we are out and about in the pushchair or car seat too! The toy is made of a silicone material so it is easy to clean, sterilise and also withstands my daughter’s gums attacking it. It has 4 sticking out bits on the top that act like fingers that she can easily get into her mouth to gnaw away on.  The fingers were a little long for her 3 month sized mouth, as if she pushed it in really hard she would gag, however it didn’t seem to bother her as she loves this toy and I doubt it’ll be even a month before she is big enough that it won’t happen anymore. Both my daughter and I loved this product and would recommend it.

Comotomo Baby Bottle

On to the second product, this is an 8oz Comotomo baby bottle.

Comotomo Review 1 Family Clan BlogMy daughter is exclusively breastfed so I used this just with expressed breast milk. My first observation was that the ounce markings are raised on the bottle rather than coloured markings, making it quite hard to see once milk is in the bottle. The markings are also in American ounces or millilitres and don’t offer a UK ounce option next to it. This means the ounces are larger in this bottle which meant measuring milk had to be done in another bottle first. However, as my daughter is breastfed, this wasn’t too much of an issue for us. The bottle stood up to washing and sterilising very well and was quite easy to clean. The manufacturer claims the bottle is leak free and I decided to test this vigorously, not a single leak! Very impressive! When I heated the bottle in a bowl of boiling hot water, the milk heated in good time and evenly but the material of the bottle meant that holding the bottle of Comotomo Review 2 Family Clan Blogheated milk felt very comfortable (unlike my usual bottle brand). My daughter is used to using new-born teats as our usual bottle teats are too fast for her to adapt to, however, this bottle came with a 3month+ teat and she had no problems at all and, as you can see from the picture, she had a lovely latch on it. She managed to suck away and control the flow enough that she didn’t choke at all. (She actually fell asleep satisfied on her feed). The teat is very malleable and moves like a nipple on a breast would, thus making the simulation of breastfeeding all the more realistic. The soft and squishy material of the bottle body takes getting used to but once you are, it is a nice feeling in your hand. My daughter is too young to benefit from the skin-like material at the moment, as she isn’t attempting to hold the bottle, however I can see how, when she is bigger, she will be able to get a feeling of grabbing a breast when she goes to grab her bottle. All in all, we both enjoyed using this product and aside from the measurement guide, I can’t fault it. I can see us using this bottle for a while and I look forward to seeing how she grows with it.

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13 Thoughts to “Comotomo Baby Bottle & Teether Review”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    New brand ! Will take a close look see what my neice thinks – they look great

  2. Kim Styles

    i like the way it comes with a 3month+ teat and easy to latch onto

  3. Jen Freedman

    Perfect for breastfed baby to adapt to taking a bottle designed as best to mimic the breast. Also the no leaking is a big plus point!

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