Commonwealth Games Glasgow

Glasgow Commonwealth Games

Are you like me an armchair athlete. I love watching the Olympics, Paralympics, both Summer & Winter & now the Commonwealth Games, that Glasgow is show casing for us.

Family Clan Glasgow Commonwealth Games

I don’t usually put the TV on during the day, not a fan of daytime TV, except for CBeebies when Olivia is here, but for an event like this it is a must.  There has been so many great moments that I’ve seen so far from Scotland’s Ross Murdoch, 13 year old swimmer Erraid Davies & Britain’s  Fran Halsall performing outstandingly in the swimming pool.

Ross Murdoch Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014
Ross Murdoch Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014
Family Clan Erraid Davies
13 year old Erraid Davies Bronze medal winner Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014
Family Clan Fran Halsall
Multiple gold Medal winner Fran Halsall Commonwealth Games 2014 Glasgow






One thing about the swimming I wish they would change is on the results I’d love to know if any of the competitors have got a personal best (PB) time or a National Record. Not just the top three swimmers. We see this in Athletics results  so I presume it can be done.

I’ve loved the commentary from Adrian Moorehouse & Andrew Jameson, are excellent at their job, as they are both ex-competitors, so know how they swimmers feel & can give us the information we need about the strokes being used.  With Rebecca Addlington & Mark Foster, sitting high up in the BBC area, giving us a good laugh as we progress through the heats to the finals.




I loved seeing the Brownlee brothers come first & second in the Triathlon with Englands Jodie Stimpson winning the first gold of the games in the Womens Triathlon & her team mate Vicky Holland winning a bronze, then they all combined to take part in the Triathlon Mixed Team Relay winning by over a minute from the other teams entered.  I’d never seen the team event before & loved watching it as teams battle for position  over the 250m swim, 6km bike ride & 1.6mile run,, it was a quicker event , being over in less than 75 minutes, where as the individual event lasted  one hour 48 minutes & 33 seconds for the eldest Brownlee brother with Jonathon finishing a further 11 seconds after. 

England Triathlon Team
England Triathlon Team

I can’t wait for the next few days that are left to see who claims the spotlight next. Lets hope the Home Nations have a some great results & get a lot more of these medals

Who wouldn't want one of these!
Who wouldn’t want one of these!


What have you enjoyed about the Commonwealth Games so far?


Nanna Jane


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  1. Ashleigh Allan

    Great point on the swimming. We love watching the games

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