GIVEAWAY: Comfort Time with Love Leggings

Love Leggings

Love Leggings are a premium leggings brand that offer a range of non-see-through Everyday Cotton, Maternity, Sports and Children’s leggings.Perfect for all day wear, their cotton Everyday leggings have been designed to offer long-lasting comfort and support, with a non-see-through, full coverage guarantee.

I wear leggings the majority of my week, I find them comfortable, non-restricting to movement for day to day life. I also wear them on nights out, teamed up with a lovely with a long top/jacket and boots. They are a perfect day-to-day piece of clothing which can be easily worn to wear for night life.

Available in a variety of sizes from UK dress size 4-6 up to size 28, and styles such as high waisted, cropped and standard. They cover the market for the style you prefer and also offer an array of colours.

In 17 shades you can get a style to suit you, ranging from the timeless colours (black, navy, grey’s and white) to the more daring and bold colours (reds, greens, yellow and pinks).

My Thoughts

I have been sent a pair of leggings to review and after wearing leggings for years and trying many brands. I must say, Love Leggings are the best pair of leggings that I have owned.

Searching many shops and trying many brands over the years, I have never found a place that I am truly happy with that tick all the boxes, as even the ones I tend to buy, I always seem to be pulling up!

So to find Love Leggings and being able to test them out to review, I am extremely happy I can’t find one fault about them.

As these are high waisted, they fit around the tummy perfectly, the fit around the legs is such a good fit. I would also like to say the high quality material is leaving my legs warm in the outdoors too.

The non-see through full coverage guarantee, is such a bonus, as lets all agree, if you wear leggings, you tend to always wear the same colour underwear as you worry of them being slightly see through, it’s true!

View more on the Love Leggings Website.

Childrens’ Love Leggings

Once again, such fabulous quality pair of leggings which seem to be made to last.  Grace has worn her pair of pink leggings quite a few times now.

They wash so well and she says they are very comfortable and make her feel very sporty. You can view more of the range in the Children’s Love Leggings section.

I would highly recommend Love Leggings. Such fabulous quality and well made products and presented beautifully on arrival, they really do seem to look after their customers and give first class service.

These would also make perfect gifts for Christmas. You are giving her comfort and support with a pair of Love Leggings.

Mummy H & Grace


The lovely people over as Love Leggings have offered us one (1) pair of leggings for you to win.  Perfect for you to try them out.

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208 Thoughts to “GIVEAWAY: Comfort Time with Love Leggings”

  1. Troy Easton

    High waited black leggings it would be great for using it when I got outside in the winter months.

  2. Troy Easton

    High waited black leggings for when I got outside.

  3. David

    The Wife will Enjoy these

  4. Sallyanne Rose

    the pale pink sports leggings for the gym – they match my weightlifting belt 🙂

  5. Clare B

    The high waisted khaki are fab as I’ve been looking for some for ages as they’d go with a lot of my clothes

  6. Anthea Holloway

    I would love a pair of high-waisted black or purple leggings.

  7. Jessica Hutton

    High waisted black leggings. Not only perfect for working out in but they pair great with a long jumper and are comfy for hanging around the house

  8. Ellie

    Black high waist leggings

  9. Hannah Fuller

    High waited black leggings – really comfy to mouch around, or travel about or go to the gym! Plus black goes with all colours 🙂

  10. Emma England

    My favourite are the classic high waisted leggings in black. Perfect for everyday.

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