GIVEAWAY: Colour Changing Raincoat by Ziggle

Ziggle Colour Changing Raincoat

Making rainy days fun with this colour changing raincoat from Ziggle.

Grace was really excited when she saw this raincoat waiting for her one day after school.

Grace absolutely loves the design of this raincoat, it has a big pink flamingo on this which looks just like her pink flamingo teddy that she owns called Frenchy.

The special fun colour changing raincoat is designed to change colour once it gets wet. When it dries it returns to the original colour.

We have had a lot of great weather recently with barely a drop from the sky but this didn’t stop Grace wearing this. After all it is suited for all weather so she wore this one day on a family outing.

But this week we finally got to put our new Ziggle colour changing raincoat to the test. We went walking to the shops and as it was raining when we were leaving we put on the raincoat.

We spotted the raincoat instantly changing colour once the rain hit it.

Check out these colour changing spots I managed to capture before we got soaked!

The flamingo also changes colour when she gets wet.

This has been such magical fun which really has amazed Grace, she didn’t expect the sleeves to change colour just the flamingo and cloud.

The coat features an elasticated hood, and poppers to fasten.

The Ziggle Colour Changing Raincoat is available in ages 2-3, 4-6 and 6-8. Grace is fast approaching age 6, so I decided to choose 6-8 for her, this coat is true to size as it is slightly to big for her but she is 5, so perfect sizing. They come in Flamingo’s and Unicorns.

What a way to make rainy days fun!

The Ziggle Colour Changing Raincoat is available for just £10 which I think is a very good price, you can purchase on the Ziggle Website or they are also available on the Amazon Website.

Also available is the matching colour changing umbrella for £13.50

Ziggle sell products from newborn, and they really are high quality products. Look out soon for our review of the Ziggle Leggings.  

Mummy H & Grace


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202 Thoughts to “GIVEAWAY: Colour Changing Raincoat by Ziggle”

  1. Katie

    We love having a picnic in the park… not today, though!

  2. Clare B

    We like to get the kids to come up with a list of all the things they want to do over summer. Then we do a big chequerboard of paper on the wall and each time we do one of the things we stick a photo in of it. They always (so far) pick manageable things like ‘go swimming’ ‘see X film at cinema’ ‘have a playdate’ ‘pick blackberries’ ‘visit nana’ etc etc and it’s great to have a montage of all the fun on the wall, and it motivates them on a bored day – they can pick something off the board to do. COming up with the list is probably my favourite summer activity!

  3. Laura Wheatley

    lots of things, we love the seaside. We love picnics and have a river right at the end of our street so lovely on the riverbank ion the summer. the park is always fun too

  4. Geri Gregg

    My favourite summer activity is building sandcastles on the beach with my family!

  5. Alison Thomas

    This is so cute my gorgeous granddaughters would love this, especially the unicorn one 🤞 they both have birthdays coming up so it would be fantastic to win 🤞🤞🤞our favourite thing to do is messy play in the garden with lots of water and mud and our new discovery SLIME🤣😂🤣

  6. Donna Skelton

    going for a picnic

  7. Katie Skeoch

    Getting to the seaside!

  8. Susan B

    Being outside, especially in the early evening, is such a treat. Just sitting on the patio watching the birds and insects is lovely but we also enjoy walks to the local park for a swing or slide.

  9. sarah collier

    taking the kids puddle jumping :0. none stop rain here in Preston. Summer, what summer!

  10. Anne Perry

    I enjoy reading and gardening during the summer.

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