Cleaning Up at Bongos Bingo

Cleaning Up at Bongos Bingo

You may well have heard of Bongo’s Bingo. It is an event that we have attended on a couple of occasions to review and it really is the best night out that I’ve ever had.

So when asked if we would like to attend again we couldn’t wait to return for another night out, so I grabbed the girls ready for a night of bingo and mayhem.

The venue that we attend is the Boiler Shop in Newcastle upon Tyne, but yet Bongo’s Bingo is held across multiple venues across the UK so you will be sure to find a venue nearby to you.

Upon arrival, we are shown to our table. There are many helpful members of staff that assure that you and your friends are all seated together to make sure you have the best night.

The room is extremely large, allowing plenty of space for all entries to the sold out event.

Dabbers at the ready

Dabbers at the ready and we were ready to play. But what is Bongo’s Bingo?

Bongo’s Bingo is a night full of music, dancing and bingo with a lot of entertainment squeezed in between too.

Playing music from 80’s 90’s and now. From the cheesiest to the danciest. No matter what music is played, each tune is a hit with every person in the room and you can sing and dance to your hearts content without a care in the room, as everyone else is doing exactly the same as you.

The Newcastle venue for Bongo’s Bingo is hosted by Micky Pickles. He is such a great DJ, and host’s the night amazing. With his Scouse banter he gives over the mic he has your entertainment packed from start to finish giving you a great show all night.

As you arrive you are given your bingo booklet and a bingo pen. A quick pop to the bar and we waited for our night to begin.

The booklet is a standard size bingo booklet with 90 numbers within, and throughout the evening you play for 1 line / 2 line / full house per page.

With all the singing and dancing it actually works out on average two pages of bingo an hour, now that is a big difference in comparison to my local bingo hall.

Bingo Prizes

What makes Bongo’s Bingo even more exciting you can win some weird and wonderful prizes.

For one line you may win a cardboard cut out of Ant & Dec, 2 lines a bottle of alcohol and for the full house, a cash prize which will increase for each game played. Each page will vary in a weird and wonderful prize.

So for example, you could win a big cuddly unicorn.

Or perhaps a giant inflatable duck.

You can also be in with the chance of winning inappropriate prizes, which just so happened to be won by a male player.

From the most unexpected prizes to the absolutely great, a Henry Hoover.

On to a Win

Dare I say, I had my first Bongo’s Bingo’s win!! I had just moved house TWO DAYS before attending the event, and had said to the girls I was with that this prize would be perfect as I had yet a hoover for my new home. All agreeing, if anyone of us won then they would give me Henry.

The first three numbers that were called, were mine, a further 5 more came out before I shouted for the 1 line. I couldn’t believe it, I had won at Bongo’s Bingo and bagged myself my very own Henry Hoover.

Henry had a very fun journey home, he enjoyed riding the bus. Yes, if you seen me, I was walking through the middle of Newcastle on a Saturday night carrying our Henry. He’s smiling about it too!

The two entertainers on the stage alongside Micky Pickles, are full of energy all night. I just don’t know how they do it! Two ‘lovely ladies’ that dance through the night and also keep an eye out on who shouts bingo first.

Our Thoughts

We have once again had an amazing time at Bongo’s Bingo. It is such a great night that really is worth all the excitement building up.

It is my big 30th in December this year, and I am hoping to grab another night out with the girls to celebrate the big life event. I was breastfeeding for my 18th and 21st, so I will be making up for this time whilst I turn this milestone.

We would all really recommend Bongo’s Bingo, perfect night out with a group of friends with the best of laughs, dancing and bingo! We have attended Bongo’s Bingo on a couple of occasions, why don’t you can read about our Bongo’s Bingo experiences.

Get the girls together and experience this for yourself! You can view location near you on the Bongo’s Bingo Website.

Mummy H

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2 Thoughts to “Cleaning Up at Bongos Bingo”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Ive yet to have the pleasure – must say you always look like you are having the best night ever

  2. Susan B

    Congrats on your win. Henry hoovers are excellent.
    Looks like a great night out. Thanks for the review.

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