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Cicciobello Love n Care Doll Review Family Clan

We have been sent Cicciobello Love n Care doll for review.

Cicciobello is the life like doll your kids will love to care for. Just like a real baby when Cicciobello is upset he cries and his cheeks flush! Children can then use the wide range of accessories including, bottles, dummy, thermometer, and medicine to determine what is making him upset. When he feels better he will stop crying. Children can cuddle and care for him and when given his dummy Cicciobello will drift off to sleep!

Upon receiving Cicciobello Love n Care doll, Jake was so excited to have received a boy doll to to love and care for!

We took Cicciobello out of his boxCicciobello Love n Care Doll by Family Clan

Contents of the Box:-

Cicciobello doll
3 bottles (milk, juice, medicine)
Sticker sheet

Cicciobello requires 3 AA batteries

After you have inserted the batteries you are ready to go! To look after Cicciobello Love ‘n’ Care you need make sure he is happy and healthy. He cries and gets red cheeks just like a real baby – is he hungry, thirsty or does he need some medicine? Maybe Cicciobello is really sick and needs an injection to make him better? When he is feeling better he will stop crying. Give Cicciobello Love ‘n’ Care his dummy and he’ll fall fast asleep.

For first time play, Cicciobello doll will continuously cry so your little thriving doctor will get the chance to test out all the accessories to see what calms Cicciobello. So this is what we did, we turned him on by the switch at the back under his clothing.
Cicciobello Love n Care Doll by Family ClanHe then began to cry showing red cheeks. We tried his dummy, milk, juice and medicine and neither of these soothed him and he continued to cry. So Jake and Grace put the thermometer to his ear to check his temperature and the light then turned red which means that we needed to give him an injection.
So we un-fastened the back of his clothing and inserted the syringe into the little hole on the side of his bottom, he cried louder when this happened, just like a real baby! Cicciobello was then instantly settled and was happy after Doctor Jake and Nurse Grace found out what was the problem with him and made him better. You can continue to sooth him by giving him his dummy and rock him to sleep.

Here you can see on my picture of Cicciobello crying, you can see his red cheeks which do look more realistic in person.

After we had finished our first time play, next when Cicciobello starts to cry, the choice will be at random to the reason why he will cry and your little doctor or nurse will need to make him better by finding out why Cicciobello is crying.

Babies are very demanding and we don’t always know why they are crying, so this is a great product to have for maybe an older sibling who feels they want their own baby to look after alongside mummy. Cicciobello measures about same size as a real baby keeping the play very realistic.

Our Thoughts

There are a wide range of accessories to choose from to tend to Cicciobello, each bottle has its very own lid with the measurement of ounces on the side of the bottles. Once he starts to drink, the liquid in the bottle disappear secretly into the teat. The dummy is very cute with a 3D rabbit design. The syringe can come apart into two, but it is very loose and not held together which I feel if they were held together this would benefit play with the doll. I love the collared sleepsuit that Cicciobello is wearing, the colours are two shades of blue, with a pocket on the front and cute rabbit design.

Cicciobello has life like hands and feet, and as he sits his eyes open, and lies down his eyes close which all just add to his realism.

Cicciobello can be purchased from Smyths Toys RRP £59.99 and is suited for ages 3+ which I think is perfect guideline for this doll. Grace is 4 and she adores this doll, Jake is 7 and he really has also took a big liking to this doll too. He keeps asking me to let him know if the doll cries whilst he is away playing with his trains and keeps coming to check on Cicciobello, truly is cute how they have both played nicely with Cicciobello.

Win a Family Trip to Italy 

Smyths Toys are hosting a competition for Cicciobello fans to win a family trip to Italy and also 10 runners up will win a Cicciobello doll. The competition ends 31st October 2017, you can find out how to win on their Facebook page here.

Good Luck!

Mummy H, Jake & Grace

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7 Thoughts to “Cicciobello Love n Care Doll”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Debating on whether to purchase one of these ir a baby annabelle – birthday girl deserves spoiling

  2. Ashleigh Allan

    Sounds a really good doll. My daughter would probably still love this

  3. bonniebonster

    My little niece would love this. She’s just started getting into dolls like this and loves playing mummy

  4. Leila

    Love the “Love n care doll” . Awesome prize to win a trip to Italy.

  5. Kayleigh Watkins

    This looks fantastic, megan loves using her peppa pig doctor set on her dolls and teddies xXx

  6. Margaret Gallagher

    So cute
    So many dolls about
    It’s hard to keep up!

  7. Sidrah Ahmed

    This is wonderful

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