Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree.

With Christmas fast approaching, Logan has decided to make his very own Christmas Tree.

After being Santa for the afternoon and wrapping the last of the Christmas things, we had used all the wrapping paper and only had the cardboard left.

Logan spotted it, when he returned home from school and had a fabulous idea.

Lets make a Christmas Tree!

Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree Family Clan

Using his own arts and crafts and bits from around the house, he began.

Logan ask Daddy S to draw him a Christmas Tree. They both sat colouring the tree in, before cutting and gluing the very glittery baubles on. He was very impressed with the end result.

When I asked Logan why he wanted to design a Christmas Tree so late at night he explain.

”Mam, all my friends at school have their tree up and I want mine up, but Daddy said we are on Saturday (1st) so I drew and made this. We are singing and learning about Christmas at School and practicing our Christmas performance”.

I really cant wait to see his Christmas Performance this year. He is singing this time round, not playing a character, but I cant wait to hear that beautiful singing voice!

How amazing is his tree though? I just love his imagination!

It was nice to see my two big boys working together on this project. We have put it up on the door, so in a way we already have our best Christmas tree up.

Mummy E

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3 Thoughts to “Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree.”

  1. Susan B

    Oh, bless. A winning tree and a winning smile. A fabulous photo.

  2. Ashleigh Allan

    What a lovely Christmas tree. He looks fab

  3. Sharon Freemantle

    What a beautiful Christmas tree. Logan is a very clever boy ?

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