Christmas Gift Guide 2020 – For Children

We all know that Christmas is really about spoiling the children so here are some of the items we have reviewed over 2020. All ages covered.



ShopkinsShopkins Real Littles Icy Treats Family Clan

Series 2 of Shopkins Real Littles have just got even cooler and now the Real Littles characters have come from the frozen aisles in the supermarket, from popsicles to frozen drinks! The range includes brands like WALL’S, SLUSH PUPPIES, KELLOGG’S and so many more!


Planet Buddies HeadphonesPlanet Buddles headphones review by Family Clan

Planet Buddies are an environmentally conscious brand that have products designed and created specifically for children. The Charlie the Tiger headphones are a cool present for the kid. Planet Buddies’ furry headphones are volume limited to 85 decibels which is the level recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). The child-safe audio limit on our headphones helps to prevent noise-induced hearing loss. Listening at a maximum level of 85 decibels makes it safe to enjoy up to eight hours of audio a day and are suitable for children aged 3+.


Stomp RocketsStomp Rocket Review by Family Clan

Run, jump and STOMP! For over 25 years, Stomp Rocket has been entertaining kids and their families by stimulating active, outdoor play. The Original Stomp Rocket line is 100% kid-powered and includes rockets that soar up to 400 feet in the air as well as toys that are appropriate for kids as young as age 3.


So SandSO Sand DIY Box Family Clan

Make your own unique sand creations sand with this So Sand DIY Satisfying Sand Case.  Kids always loved crafting and to make a mess. With the new So Sand DIY you can create, shape, slice, crush, squish and so much more!



Ravel TalesRavel Tales Review by Family Clan

These quirky characters live in a cozy, little sewing shop called The Last Strand. Although there is comfort and security hiding from customers inside their balls of yarn day in & day out, they do find themselves curious about the outside world. Secretly, they band together and form a club called The Unravellers and plot how they can venture out (and unravel their yarn balls) without being noticed. These adventures ultimately become their ravel tales.


Harry Potter Magic CapsulesHarry Potter Magical Capsules review by Family Clan

Harry Potter Magical Capsules offer a brand new way to unbox and collect the enchanting creatures and wizards of the wizarding world. Perfect for all Harry Potter fans!


Twisty GirlsTwisty Girlz Review by Family Clan

Twisty Girlz are here, branching out from amazing Twisty Petz which are a firm favourite from Grace. These fashionable dolls transform from cute girl into a bracelet you can wear!



Cargo SeatCarGoSeat colour choice

CarGoSeat is a revolutionary new children’s car booster seat, which easily transforms into a pull-along wheeled case, easy for little ones to get hands on with. The booster seat is suitable for children weighing between 22KG and 36KG and at least 125cm in height.



Harry PotterHarry Potter Back To Hogwarts review by Family Clan

We are massive Harry Potter fans in the Family Clan households. These items are great little additions for Children’s Christmas boxes. They are available in all the houses.

CutetitosCutetitos Fruititos Review by Family Clan

Cutetitos has got to be one of the most asked for things Grace has requested ever since we last reviewed them two years ago. She has always asked if there was more coming. So finally, when we were asked to review series four of the Cutetitos, she honestly was so excited and asked every single day if her special delivery was here yet!



Love LeggingsLove Leggings Childrens review by Family Clan

Love Leggings are a premium leggings brand that offer a range of non-see-through Everyday Cotton, Maternity, Sports and Children’s leggings. Perfect for all day wear, their cotton everyday leggings have been designed to offer long-lasting comfort and support, with a non-see-through, full coverage guarantee.


Silhouette London BoutiqueSilhouette London Logo

Silhouette London is a multi award winning Boutique with a unique focus on young girls and teenagers. The story began in November 2012 and they have been selling stunning girls and teen occasion wear, clothes, gifts and accessories ever since. Catering for girls aged 2-21, creating a collection of products with tweens and teens at its heart, for special occasions and for those days when sweatshirts and trackies just won’t do…



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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    So many choices – time to decide what I’m going to buy thanks

  2. ashleigh allan

    Lots of great ideas – love reading the gift guides!

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