Christmas Gift Guide 2019: Family Games

It really wouldn’t be Christmas without family time playing games. Here at Family Clan we love playing board games, so we thought we would put together a guide to our favourite ones for all the family. Child friendly and adult games. If you have been around our blog a little while you might have gathered by now that we love games. Board games, word games, tactical game, card games – even down to playing I spy when ever we go out in the car with family.

Here is a list we have put together of our family favourite games to play over Christmas.

Most of the products in our Christmas Gift List have our personal review linked to them so you can read further into each product if you feel to have found something you might like or want more information on. Some links may take you directly to the product’s website if we have not personally reviewed the item.


Presented by actor Warwick Davies, this fun game Tenable is a television smash.  Can you find ten of everything and anything as you climb the scoring ladder to success and ultimately win the game?

Go Go Gorilla

Jumbo Games Goula Go Gorilla Game Review Family Clan

Go Gorilla is a fun game that is suited to a wide range in ages. Can you balance the Monkey and beat the Gorilla? Fast fun game that is quick to play but has hours of fun.

5 Second Rule

5 Second Rule Jr review by Family Clan

Can you name 3 types of animals with two legs? Can you name 3 types of things you see at the beach? Can you name 3 types of foods that are green? Yes these sound quite easy, but with the pressure turned up, could you answer these questions with three answers within five seconds?!


Unlock! Escape Adventures review by Family Clan 4

Does your love a challenge? How about solving a puzzle whilst trying to beat the clock? Do you love the idea of escape rooms? If yes, then we have the perfect game suited for you. Unlock! 


Wasgij example of puzzle review

OK not a family game but a family activity that you can all enjoy. We love jigsaws and these from Wasgij are amazing and very difficult as you don’t have the usual front of the box to look at. Check the review out for a further explanation.

Jumbo – Frozen II Game

Frozen 2 Jumbo puzzle and game review by Family Clan

True Friendship is a cooperative game, in which all players, try to get the friends to Elsa before the water nokk reaches her.  If Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven arrive at Elsa before the water nokk does, Elsa and her friends win the game. If the water nokk gets to Elsa first – Before Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven arrive – the Water nokk wins the game.

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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    I’d love them all – made for fun and joy

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